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3 Ways Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Make Life Fun! (& Top Picks)

3 Ways Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Make Life Fun! (& Top Picks) - The Bathtubber

A Bluetooth bathroom mirror can immediately make your day more fun.

A Bluetooth bathroom mirror is a mirror in your bathroom equipped with Bluetooth technology so that you can enjoy crystal clear music and other features. Unlike many shower radios, Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music free from static. 

The next wave in the smart bathroom revolution, a Bluetooth bathroom mirror connects to your cell phone or tablet. 

At the same time, you control the music from your phone and can pick the exact song instead of being at the mercy of the radio. With Bluetooth technology, you can also talk on the phone too!

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What Features Do Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Have?

A woman applies makeup in front of a smart bathroom mirror

Many advanced models come with anti-fog technology, LED clocks, and more. Other features you can expect from many Bluetooth bathroom mirrors include:  

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Hands-free technology
  • Music streaming
  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Alexa integrations
  • LED clocks
  • Alarms
  • Demisting pads and anti-fog technology
  • Dimmable lights
  • Motion activation
  • Light options

Almost all of these smart bathroom mirrors come with LED lights. 

LED lights are advantageous over traditional lights because they are often customizable and save energy over regular bulbs.

For example, the LED lights that come on Bluetooth mirrors are smart. They often have different settings, such as dimmable features, various color options, and even motion activation. Read more about how smart lights can brighten your life—and your bathroom.

In addition to the LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity, most Bluetooth mirrors come with other features, too. LED clocks on the front of the mirror are a common feature, as well as anti-fog capabilities and hands-free designs. 

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How Do Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Work?

The mirror is equipped with a Bluetooth receiving port, which allows the mirror to connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Most of the technology is either in the mirror or behind it. 

Once you turn the mirror on, the Bluetooth receiver is ready to receive Bluetooth signals from your phone or other Bluetooth devices.

Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone and search for the app that comes with the mirror. Once connected, your mirror is ready to stream your favorite music.

How you turn on the mirror changes from model to model. Most models have a touchscreen feature so that you only have to touch the mirror for it to come on. 

Some models are even motion-activated, though most motion-activated models can be turned on with a switch too.

Do Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Need Electricity?

Yes. Bluetooth mirrors need electricity. Most importantly, the LED lights need an electrical current to power on and light the room. Likewise, the Bluetooth speakers attached to the mirror will need electricity too. 

How Do You Hang a Bluetooth Mirror?

Bluetooth mirrors are hung up just like any other mirror. You can expect the mirror to have a mount so that it can safely and easily attach to your bathroom wall.  

Most often, the mount will be designed to be placed either horizontally or vertically. Make sure that the mirror you select matches the space in your bathroom. (Wondering what’s the perfect size bathroom mirror for your vanity? Consult our bathroom mirror size guide.)

The majority of Bluetooth mirrors are designed for easy installation. Even individuals with minimal physical labor experience usually do not have trouble hanging these mirrors.

 How Do You Clean a Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror?

Because of the advanced technology on Bluetooth mirrors, you might assume that they require special cleaning. Most of the time, this is not the case. You can simply wipe down the mirrors by using traditional glass or window cleaner and paper towels.

The reason why you can still use the traditional cleaning methods for these mirrors is that the electronic components are behind the mirror, not on the front. 

That said, be sure to double-check the care recommendations by reading the instructions that come with the mirror to be sure that you are cleaning your Bluetooth bathroom mirror appropriately.  

Top 3 Ways Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Make Life More Fun

man singing into shampoo bottle in bathroom

To many people, a Bluetooth bathroom mirror might sound like a luxury with no use. However, most music lovers and shower singers know immediately why Bluetooth bathroom mirrors are booming in popularity. 

Here are the top three reasons to consider getting a Bluetooth bathroom mirror:

1. Listen to Clear Music with Excellent Speakers

If you’re used to setting your smartphone on the bathroom vanity and then streaming music to your phone while you shower, you’ll be much happier with the volume on the speakers of your Bluetooth bathroom mirror. Some of these mirrors even come with surround sound speakers. So if you love to dance in the shower or sing in the tub…what are you waiting for?

2. Chat With Friends

Do you ever talk on the phone with friends and loved ones while getting ready? If so, you can use the Bluetooth mirror. Chat with a friend while you put on makeup or shave because, well…why not?

3. Set a Festive Mood

Some Bluetooth mirrors come with several color options on the lights. Pick one with millions of colors that you can set with the app. Or get one with constantly changing colors. Now, who’s ready to have a party at home…every single day?

3 Additional Reasons to Love Bluetooth Mirrors in the Bathroom

height of bathroom mirror

1. Keeps Your Phone Safe

At the same time, you do not have to put your phone at risk of getting wet. If you simply use your phone to listen to music in the shower, you likely have to place the phone close to the tub to hear properly.  

With the Bluetooth bathroom mirror, you do not have to worry about ruining your phone. 

2. You Always Know the Time

Most Bluetooth bathroom mirrors have some form of clock function. When you are getting ready for work, you do not have to run and check the time on your phone. Instead, you can continue getting ready and just glance over to the clock.

3. Your Bathroom Looks More Put Together

By using a Bluetooth bathroom mirror that combines clock, audio player and light, you have all of these parts in one compact design. The compact design allows your bathroom to look more organized and put together.

3 Best LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors 

Now let’s look at three great Bluetooth mirrors and the perks that each offers:

Homewerks Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers


If you have a large bathroom, the Homewerks Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers is one of the best models you can get. All four sides of the mirror are bordered with LED lights for complete viewing, and you can both listen to and communicate with your Bluetooth device using the speakers. Better yet, the lights last 50,000 hours and are much more energy-efficient than regular lights.

GNAPE Motion Sensor LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth


Even smaller bathrooms can benefit from a Bluetooth bathroom mirror. The GNAPE Motion Sensor LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth comes with 360 surround sound speakers. Set up the motion sensor to turn on the lights when you approach the mirror and automatically turn lights off when you leave the bathroom.  

DECORAPORT Dimmable Anti-Fog LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth


If you take extra steamy showers, you may want to consider the DECORAPORT Dimmable Anti-Fog LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth. It comes with anti-fog technology and dimmable light features so that you can fully unwind under perfect lighting. The mirror is designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting so that it can match your bathroom perfectly.

Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors & the Smart Home Revolution

The smart home revolution is dedicated to making our fixtures and electronics more convenient and energy-efficient.

And while the Bluetooth bathroom mirror is one of the most fun smart bathroom fixtures you can get, you might consider looking into a few more, including: LED Color-Changing Showerheads, smart toilets and touchless faucets.

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