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9 Coolest Smart Bathroom Ideas for 2024

smart bathroom ideas

There are two things to know about smart bathroom technologies: 1) They make life easier and more fun; and 2) They are energy-efficient, which is both good for the environment and good for your pocketbook.

In other words, you can’t go wrong; although smart bathroom technologies can cost a bit more upfront, you’re likely to recoup your investment in the long run.

Most smart bathroom technologies will hook up to an Alexa or Cortana to allow voice commands. And most are controlled by a smart bathroom panel that you can install on a wall, or from your smartphone.

You get multiple features in any smart bathroom accessory. For example, you can get a smart bathroom mirror with built-in Bluetooth speakers, or you can get a smart bathroom fan with LED lights that give you literally millions of programmable color options. 

Smart Bathroom Technologies to Improve Your Life

Let’s dive into the 10 most life-changing smart bathroom accessories for the coming year. You don’t need to get all of them to transform your bathroom into a party or to save a substantial amount of energy and help the environment.

1. Smart Bathroom Toilet

Pin - 3 life-changing smart toilets

Smart toilets offer a range of fun features that make life a bit more comfortable and less…well, yucky.

Did you know that many smart toilets are self-cleaning and self-flushing? No more bending over and scrubbing the bowl. Or finding your housemates droppings when they forgot to flush.

That’s worth the price of business right there.

What’s more, a smart toilet with a bidet washlet, which many have, can be much more hygienic than wiping with toilet paper. Plus, you won’t have to pay for nearly as much toilet paper anymore. Win-win. 

White Ove Decors Tuva Bidet Toilet

The Ove Decors smart toilet contains a self-flushing and self-cleaning mode. Made of high-quality ceramic, it has an elongated bowl which some people find more comfortable. If you’re not sure if an elongated toilet seat is the right choice for you, check out my post, Round or Elongated Toilet Seat for a Happy Bottom? to find out if an elongated toilet seat is the best choice for you.

While pricey, this one has many great features, including a heated seat, soft-close, lid and automatic flush, and LED night light.

Other perks you can find in smart bathroom toilets include overflow protection and water conservation. Find out the best smart water-saving toilet by reading my post, 9 Best Toilets to Save Water.

Smart toilets are also often tankless. Read my post, Will You Go Tankless: Toilet Pros and Cons to learn more about tankless toilets. 

Learn more about smart toilets and get recommendations for various price points in my post Why Buying a Smart Toilet Is a Smart Move.

2. Smart Bathroom Lighting

Pin - Romantic bathroom lighting with flower petals in bathtub and paper umbrella hanging

Wouldn’t you love a motion detector to automatically turn out the lights when you—or your kids!—leave the bathroom, saving on your energy bill?

While smart bathroom fixtures and bulbs might cost a little more than regular fixtures and bulbs on the front end, most will last far, far longer.

Or what about choosing from 50,000 white color temperatures to get the exact temperature you prefer? Or setting the mood with one of millions of light colors? It’s all possible using the app that comes with your smart bathroom lights.

Discover more about smart bathroom lights and fixtures in my post How Smart Bathroom Lights Brighten Your Life.  


3. Smart Bathtubs

A close look at Kohler's $16,000 bathtub

Kohler is coming out with a smart infinity bathtub. The Japanese-style soaking experience allows users to operate the tub by voice command, provides options of chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and creates an atmospheric fog that hovers over the water. 

As if this new infinity tub isn’t cool enough, the Stillness does not have a typical faucet. Instead, the bathtub fills from the bottom. 

The Infinity Stillness Soaking Tub with all the bells and whistles can be yours for $16,000. This model includes the cypress wood catchment surrounding the base of the bath creates a natural, soothing soundscape as the water flows in. However, you can also get a version of the tub for $6,000, without the mist or LED lights.

Read more about the Kohler smart tub and other infinity bathtubs.

4. Steam Free Bathroom Mirror

Try a Steam Free Bathroom Mirror

This smart technology gets rid of the fog on your bathroom mirror! Who knew that one of life’s little nuisances could be forever disappeared with this smart mirror?

These are relative newcomers to the smart home revolution. They use a heating panel behind the mirror’s surface to dissipate the condensation that occurs when you’re running the shower or bath.

Also called an “anti-fog” bathroom mirror, these make it easier to shower and then shave or apply makeup, without needing to air out the bathroom in between. Another great perk is that you’re less likely to develop bathroom mold and mildew with these mirrors.

Many allow you to control the color temperature and have built-in LED lights. 


The Hauchen Home Mirror is also dimmable with a smart touch sensor and, of course, steam-free. You can control the color temperature, as well as the brightness, with a touch sensor on the mirror. Or you can use a wall switch to turn it on and off.

Discover the best steam-free mirrors and more about how they work in my post How Steam Free Mirrors Work (Top Picks & Hacks). You’ll even discover n a steam-free mirror specifically designed to hang inside the shower.

5. Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror

3 Ways Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Make Life Fun! (& Top Picks) - The Bathtubber

Are you the singing-in-the-tub or shower type? If so, listen up! 

There’s a variation on the smart bathroom mirror is the Bluetooth bathroom mirror. These incorporate Bluetooth speakers, and connect to WiFi, enabling you to stream music into the bathroom. 

While you could use a shower radio, the volume is usually poor and you’ll often contend with static. And you could place your smartphone on the bathroom vanity and stream music that way. But you risk damaging your phone by getting it wet, and also the sound quality won’t be nearly as good.

Enter the Bluetooth bathroom mirror.

You’ll not only be able to stream music of your choice, but you can talk on the phone through your mirror (again keeping your phone away from water). Many of these will respond to voice commands when paired with a home assistant like Alexa.

Many Bluetooth bathroom mirrors also have LED smart lights built-in, which allow you to set the bathroom mood. 


If you have a large bathroom, the Homewerks Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers is one of the best models you can get. 

All four sides of the mirror are bordered with LED lights for complete viewing, and you can both listen to and communicate with your Bluetooth device using the speakers. Better yet, the lights last 50,000 hours and are much more energy-efficient than regular lights.

And there’s even one model that incorporates Bluetooth technology with steam-free technology. Find it in my post 3 Ways Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Make Life Fun!

6. Touchless Bathroom Faucet

What You’ll Save With a Touchless Faucet

Since the pandemic, most people are more conscious than ever about bathroom germs. I mean, if you think about when a person touches the faucet, it’s not long before you’re grossed out. 


But then think about a touchless bathroom faucet. This means there’s a motion sensor so that when you wave your hands in front of it, the water goes on. When you take your hands away, water goes off. 

You’ve probably encountered these in restaurants or hotel restrooms.

But now touchless faucets are making their appearance in individual homes. And why not? Stopping the spread of germs is a great idea that can only improve health and hygiene.

Not only that, you’re unlikely to have a dripping faucet with a touchless. This is good for your water bill and the planet.

Gangang LED waterfall faucet

The Gangang Automatic Faucet with Touchless Sensor is aunique-looking, waterfall faucet constructed out of high-quality, H59 brass. 

The sensor has a built-in, color-changing LED that alternates according to how hot or cold the water is. The LED is powered by the flow rate of the water, so it’s a truly innovative design.

Find out more about these awesome and smart bathroom faucets in my post Are Touchless Faucets Worth the Money? Pros and Cons.

7. Smart Shower

Shower Remodel? It's Time to Try Smart Bathroom Technology

With a smart shower, you can set your shower to only run for a certain amount of time. You can also set preferences for each family member who uses the shower. 

So let’s say your teenage daughter likes to take 30-minute showers, you could limit those to 15. And let’s say your 6-year-old son only likes to shower for 1 minute and you’re worried about him running the water too hot. You can set both the time and the temperature for him.

You can also turn the shower on and off with voice commands. 

Here’s the thing about a smart shower: You can upgrade your current shower to become “smart” for a lot less than getting a whole new smart shower system.

A smart shower can cost up to $25,000 USD. But in my post about smart showers, I’ll show you how to get a smart shower for under $1,000 USD.


8. LED Shower Head

LED Shower Head

These super cool shower heads change colors while you relax. But they don’t use batteries or electricity; instead, the water pressure causes a small turbine to rotate, changing the colors on the LED lights.

You can even get a model that changes the lights according to the water temperature. This can help you keep young children, pets, seniors, and anyone with more sensitive skin safe.

Black shower panel with LED Lights

The Ello and Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel includes:

  • Luxury shower panel with built-in LED temperature display, LED overhead rainfall showerhead, adjustable high-powered body massage jets, tub spout, and high-efficiency multi-function handheld shower wand; and
  • Multi-outlet Switches which controls Multiple Combinations water effects, with 4 Adjustable Jets nozzles for Power Mist Massage and 3-Setting Handheld Shower Fixture

Some of these showerheads will also release essential oils, which are great for hair and skin. Some are high-pressure with a fixed mount, while others are designed to be hand-held.

Find out more and get recommendations in my post How LED Shower Heads Work to Light Up Your Life.

9. Smart Bathroom Fan

Pin - How to save money with a smart bathroom fan

While you might not think a bathroom fan could be cool, a smart bathroom fan certainly can be. First of all, it can automatically sense when the bathroom reaches a certain level of humidity and then turn on.

Bathroom mold and mildew are a huge but common problem and can easily cost homeowners thousands of dollars to remediate. The trouble is that often by the time you can see mold or mildew with the naked eye, it’s already grown inside your walls. 

With a humidity-sensing smart bathroom fan, you can stop mold and mildew growth before it begins.

An up close image of the Homewerks 7146-80-MS Bathroom Fan. It is on a white background.

This Homewerks 7146-80-MS is a smart bathroom fan that comes with a ​​dimmable LED light that has a day and night light setting. This smart fan also has both a motion sensor and humidity sensor.

You can also save energy by presetting the motion detector to turn the fan off 10 minutes after someone leaves the bathroom. (How often does the bathroom fan go running for hours before someone notices?

Some smart bathroom fans even come with LED lights and Bluetooth technology. Read more about how smart bathroom fans work and get my top picks.


Smart Bathroom Ideas – Which Is Your Favorite?

smart bathroom ideas

With the addition of just one or two smart bathroom accessories, you’ll notice an upgrade in your daily life, and possibly a downgrade in your water or energy bill.

The nice thing about smart bathroom technology is that it makes daily tasks more convenient for you and it’s helpful for the environment.

So choose your favorite smart bathroom accessory and start there. 

You’ll notice there’s a lot of overlap in features, so if you find you just bought a smart bathroom mirror that has built-in Bluetooth technology, then go for a smart bathroom fan that has LED lighting instead of Bluetooth.

And why not try a smart bathroom technology that will put a spring in your step? Like a heated toilet seat or an LED-changing shower head. 

You deserve it—and the planet does, too.

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