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The best LED bathroom mirrors come with a variety of bells and whistles that can make getting ready in the morning and winding down in the evening easier and more pleasurable than ever. We’re here to share some of the best LED-lighted bathroom mirrors currently available in a variety of categories.

What are the best LED bathroom mirrors on the market?

screenshot bath tubber

Best with Defogger- Hauschen Home

Best for Shaving – ToiletTree Deluxe

Best for Makeup – Hansong Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Best with Bluetooth Speaker – Homewerks

Best Oval Mirror M LtMirror

Best Round Mirror – TETOTE

Best RGB Color Changing LED Bathroom Mirror – ISTRIPMF

Now let’s take a deeper look at why the mirrors listed above came out on top in their respective categories:

1. Best LED Lit Mirror with Defogger


  • Dimmable
  • Touch sensor
  • Low corrosion
  • Easy installation


  • Not optimal packaging

Shape: Rectangular

Installation: Wall-mount

Color Temp: 3,000K-5,500K

Size: 32 x 24

Dimmable: Yes

Backlit: No

The mirror is copper-free, which makes it both anti-corrosive and environmentally friendly. The pad behind the mirror allows you to exit the shower without any mist on the mirror. The brightest setting is ideal for shaving or putting on makeup.

This mirror will connect to your home’s wiring through 110 Volt cable (like a ceiling fan) but you will likely need an electrician for that. Otherwise, you can easily install the mirror yourself in 30 minutes and use the touch sensor on the mirror’s surface to turn it on, adjust brightness and turn on the defogger.

Be careful unpacking this mirror. If you notice a crack, contact customer service and they will replace it. Learn more about how steam-free mirrors work.

2. Best LED Bathroom Mirror for Shaving


ToiletTree LED Shower Mirror

Chromotherapy. Steam


  • Good price
  • Defogging technology
  • Portable
  • Can hang in the shower


  • Tape adhesive that comes with the mirror may not work well on some tile

Shape: Rectangular

Installation: Wall-mount

Color Temp: ?

Size: 9.5″ x 7.5″

Dimmable: No

Backlit: No



Now you can shave in the shower and really see what you’re doing! Put this shatterproof, steam-free mirror on your shower wall with the silicone adhesive that’s easily removable.  

This mirror uses different technology than other steam-free mirrors. You fill a small reservoir behind the mirror with water the same temperature as what you use to shower. This prevents fogging. It is scientifically impossible for it to fog up!

It also has LED lighting and a built-in shelf for razors.

If your mirror doesn’t stick well on your bathroom tile, clean tile with Windex. That should work. But if not, apply silicone glue on the back of the mirror.

3. Best LED Mirror for Makeup Application


  • 12 bulbs
  • Comes with 10x magnifying mirror
  • No installation required
  • 3 light settings including natural daylight
  • Touch screen and memory functions


  • Doesn’t always arrive in perfect condition-inspect upon opening

Shape: Rectangular

Installation: Freestanding

Color Temp: 3,500-7,000k

Size: 14.3″L x 18.5″W

Dimmable: Yes

Backlit: No

Makeup artists agree that natural light that doesn’t cast shadows is best for makeup application. But how many of us always have natural daylight pouring through our bathroom windows? And how many of us don’t even have windows in the bathroom?

With the Hansong Hollywood Makeup Mirror, you can have perfect visibility into your makeup application at any time of day. It even comes with a small magnifying mirror that sticks onto the regular mirror with suction cups so you can inspect every stroke of eyeliner or lipstick.

While there are three settings – warm white, daylight, and cool white – you can set the bulbs to any level of brightness you like best, hit the memory button, and the mirror will keep your preferred settings. Then when you use the touch sensor, this LED-lit mirror will light up perfectly for you.

The 12 LED bulbs last 50,000 hours, so you should never need to replace them.

4. Best Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth


  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Touch sensor
  • Anti-fog
  • Easy installation


  • Sound may not fill very large bathroom

Shape: Rectangular

Installation: Wall-Mount

Color Temp: 6,400k

Size: 24″x 30″ OR 30″x 36″

Dimmable: Yes

Backlit: No

To many people, a Bluetooth bathroom mirror might sound like a luxury with no use. However, most music lovers and shower singers know immediately why Bluetooth bathroom mirrors are booming in popularity. 

All four sides of this mirror are bordered with LED lights for complete viewing. Better yet, the lights last 50,000 hours and are much more energy-efficient than regular lights. This LED-lit mirror not only has Bluetooth speakers but it also contains anti-fog technology. Talk about having it all!

5. Best LED Bathroom Mirror with Motion Sensor


  • Extra sturdy
  • Highly waterproof (IP66)
  • Anti-fog
  • No copper – environmentally-friendly


  • Waterproof backing causes mirror to extend 1.3 inches from wall

Shape: Oval (or Round)

Installation: Wall-Mount

Color Temp: 2,700-6,500K

Size: 23.6″ x 31.5″

Dimmable: Yes

Backlit: No

If you’re looking for an oval-shaped (also comes round) LED bathroom mirror, look no further. This mirror is sturdy, environmentally friendly, and safe for bathroom use. Plus it has it all: Bluetooth speakers, anti-fog, dimmable, and a touch sensor.

It has three light settings, but you can brighten and dim it from 10%-100%. You can create a warmer flattering light or a natural light for shaving and applying makeup or even a bright daylight feel. With a Color Rendering Index greater than or equal to 90, this light will reflect the true colors of your skin and clothing.

The mirror is shatterproof, safe for bathroom use, and with the Bluetooth option, is a great choice for any bathroom used by children and teens. It also comes with a detachable magnifying mirror.

6. Best Round LED-Lit Mirror


  • Natural backlight
  • Hand-polished silver coating
  • Foam packaging


  • May not be bright enough to light whole bathroom without overhead fixture

Shape: Round (or Oval)

Installation: Wall-Mount

Color Temp: 6,000K

Size: 32″L x 32″W

Dimmable: Yes

Backlit: Yes

This elegant backlit LED vanity light is soft and gentle on the eyes and enhances the ambiance of any bathroom. This mirror has a cool white LED light with 6,000 Kelvins.

The company takes extra care to deliver the mirror in foam packaging and promises to replace any mirror that arrives damaged within 24 hours.  The mirror comes with 5mm high-quality shatterproof glass with a hand-polished silver coating and an aluminum alloy frame.

Even though it has stepless brightness, you’ll attach it to an ordinary wall switch rather than a dimming wall switch. It also has a one-touch fogless feature.

7. Best RGB Color Changing LED Bathroom Mirror


  • Endlessly customizable
  • Static or color-changing mode
  • Back lit and front lit
  • Hang vertically or horizontally
  • Anti-fog functionality


  • Touch sensor buttons on front are lit up brightly

Shape: Rectangular

Installation: Wall-Mount

Color Temp: 3,000-6,000K

Size: 48″x 32″ (many sizes)

Dimmable: Yes

Backlit: Yes

If you’ve got a modern bathroom and are looking to add a cool factor, look no further. This LED bathroom mirror covers the basics since it’s waterproof, shatterproof, and rustproof. But then it goes far beyond.

Set your color-changing mirror to rotate through your favorite color palette from behind the glass. Your mirror will remember the last settings used. Then adjust the dimmable front light to the brightness that you desire.

The front mirror lights can be adjusted for warm, white or cool light. The backlight has eight color choices: pink, red, green, blue, multi-colored, warm light, white light, and cold light.

This mirror can help you wake to a party or soothe your senses before bed simply by using color to your advantage.


Best color temperature for an LED bathroom mirror

3Ds color temperature scale

While most professionals would recommend at least 3,000K lights in bathrooms, it really does come down to preference in aesthetics.

Studies have shown that light temperature directly affects our mood and energy levels. Cooler temperatures promote energy and alertness while warmer temperatures promote restfulness. Keep this in mind when choosing color temperatures for different rooms in your house.

We even associate color temperature with different things; an extremely warm light might make you feel like you are at your grandmother’s house, while a very cool light might make you feel like you are at the dentist.

Those going for a modern feel in their home might want light temperatures that score higher on the Kelvin scale, while those who want a natural, homey feel should lean towards lights lower on the Kelvin scale.

How do LED lights compare to other bulbs?

led bathroom

Today, there are many different types of light bulbs available, including:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • LED

Finding the right type of bulbs is key to getting the best lighting for your makeup. Let’s compare the main features of incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs:

Type of BulbDimmableAdjustable HuesFlatteringCool TouchGood for Makeup

How to safely install bathroom lighting

Even if you’re careful, your lighting fixtures are bound to get damp. Therefore, you need to be sure your lighted mirror is suitable for bathroom use. (Rest assured, all those we’ve selected are.)

Fortunately, lightbulbs and light fixtures are rated for different humidity levels using a universal IP rating. Unlike with other measurements, IP ratings are standard around the globe, so you know that your lightbulbs are safe regardless of where you buy them. This includes LED lighting. 

Learn more about how to achieve the best lighting for your bathroom.

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