10 Best Gifts for Bath Lovers

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The gifts on this list help bath lovers everywhere indulge and unwind. Each one delivers a bundle of Tender Loving Care straight to the bather that says, “You deserve to feel great!” Gifts on this list range from about $15 – $250. Check links for current prices.


1. Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray by Royal Craft Wood



This beautiful bamboo bath accessory lets the bather comfortably read in the tub, drink a glass of wine, light a candle and keep bath scrubs and salts well within reach. The Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray expands wider than most bathtub caddies and won’t slip.


2. Bath Bevy Box by Bath Bevy


Best Gifts for Bath Lovers - Bath Bevy Box


Imagine the delight your favorite bather will get from receiving a box of bath goodies every month or quarter! This bath box subscription delivers a crate full of handmade bath and body items like bath soaps, bath bombs and bubble bars. Each beautiful Bath Bevy Box contains 6-10 amazing bath products carefully curated around a different theme each month. Every item is beautifully wrapped. This is The Bathtubber’s pick for the best subscription bath box (hands-down!). Read my full review and watch my unboxing video.


3. Original Spa Bath Pillow by Gorilla Grip


This bath pillow makes luxuriating in the tub or jacuzzi all the more restful. The 3-paneled pillow offers head, neck and shoulder support, so it’s tempting to never emerge from the bath! The Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow with luxury padded foam uses strong suction cups to adhere to any smooth-surfaced tub.


4. Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat by Serene Life



Would the bath lover on your list like to turn the bathtub into a jacuzzi? If so, the Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat is an absolute must! This is possibly the most fun gift both to give and receive. The bath mat gives a vigorous body massage. And paired with Goat Milk Bath Foam (see below), your gift recipient can create mounds of bubbles in the tub.


5. Goat Milk Foaming Bath with Lavender Oil by Alpen Secrets


Not only does it smell incredible and lack parabens, but this milk bath forms thousands of bubbles so small that you feel exactly like you’re resting in a cloud. With the Goat Milk Foaming Bath, you can surprise your bath taker with a delightful twist on a traditional bubble bath. Comes with 2 bottles.



6. Seasonless Lightweight Robe by Kashwére 



Words cannot describe how soft, fluffy and wonderfully perfect this bathrobe is! Even Oprah agrees—she put it on her list of Favorite Things. Lightweight but still plenty warm, the bathrobe comes in pink, black and white. The Kashwére Seasonless Lightweight Robe washes well and is flattering on a variety of figures. A cozy gift for the bath lover in your life.



7. Golden Pothos Bathroom Plant by American Plant Exchange

Putting a gorgeous, leafy plant in the bathroom can purify the air while adding a spa-like vibe. The problem is many bathrooms don’t have much sunlight, if any at all. Introducing a lush bathroom plant that actually needs no sunshine (though The Golden Pathos Bathroom Plant can do fine in the sun, too.) Here’s to fresh air in the bathroom!


8. Asia Teak Shower Bench by AquaTeak


Every spa worth its cucumber water includes a comfortable seating area. Help your favorite bather relax by giving her a beautiful bathroom seat upon which to sit and daydream. The mildew-resistant AsiaTeak Shower Bench is both ultra-stylish and uber-comfortable.


9. Blended Bamboo Towel Set by Cariloha


This bath towel set blends bamboo viscose with combed Turkish cotton. The result? A super plush, eco-friendly bath towel that resists bacteria and is extra absorbent. Each Blended Bamboo Towel Set comes with a bath towel, a hand towel and a washcloth. This is the perfect towel set for anyone with sensitive skin.


10. Luxury Bucket-Style Towel Warmer by Zadro



Any serious bath lover knows that the ultimate in cozy comfort is stepping out of a hot bath and into a toasty, warm towel! But how many suffer a shiver and a chill when leaving the tub? No longer! The Luxury Bucket-Style Towel Warmer fits two large towels or bathrobes. It has 4 auto-timer settings and an automatic shut-off switch. Lightweight with a slim profile, this perfect gift for a bath lover will easily fit into the corner of the bathroom where it can quietly work its magic.


Shana Burg is a bath enthusiast, content strategist, and award-winning writer. She is the founder of bathtubber.com.

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