20 Best Gifts For Bath Lovers

20 Best Gifts For Bath Lovers

The gifts on this list help bath (and shower) lovers everywhere indulge and unwind. Each one delivers a bundle of Tender Loving Care straight to the bather that says, “You deserve to feel great!” Gifts on this list range from about $15 – $450. Check links for current prices. There are gifts for all types!

1. Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat By Serene Life

Serene Life Body Spa Massage

Would the bath lover on your list like to turn the bathtub into a jacuzzi? If so, the Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat is an absolute must! This is possibly the most fun gift both to give and receive.

The bath mat gives a vigorous body massage and allows your gift recipient can create mounds of bubbles in the tub. (To maximize your bubbly delight, pair with Goat Milk Foaming Bath by Alpen- see below.) And what, may I ask, is more joyous than a tub full of bubbles?

2. Bath Caddy By Belmint

An adjustable wood bathtub caddy with various sections

This bathtub caddy is the ideal way to store all your bathtub essentials. Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly bamboo, the caddy tray is coated with a protective coat of water-proof lacquer for worry-free bathing and a longer life span.

This caddy tray is built to keep all your necessities safe. There is a built-in wine glass holder, a cell phone slot, a cup holder, and a rust-proof metal book or tablet holder.

With adjustable trays and extendable handles with non-slip grips, this caddy will fit any sized tub, even a tub that fits 2 bathers in the tub at the same time!

3. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Waterproof Speaker

Wonder Boom

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is receiving rave reviews in the audio world, both for the quality of sound and the fact that this speaker actually can float. You can definitely keep this portable, Bluetooth-enabled device right in the tub/shower area. It’s waterproof and made to float on the surface of the water.

It’s loud enough to hear over a shower and running at mid-range volume, batteries will last 13 hours. It comes with a carbiner for clipping the speaker to a showerhead or towel rail.


4. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag By Lifetime Leather Co

A man holds five monongrammed leather toiletry bags - available for purchase on Etsy.com

This is a stunning toiletry bag for the man who needs something to store his bath products in. You can order his name or initials monogrammed onto the handcrafted, authentic full grain leather kit. How cool is that?!

This bag comes in 6 colors and has a nylon liner inside to ensure that products don’t accidentally leak into his luggage when traveling. The Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag also includes a lifetime warranty against defects. 

5. Organic Bath Bomb Gift Sets By The Refugee Bath Company

bath bombs made by refugees to the US

If you’re looking for a go-to holiday gift that truly spreads the love, then look no further than these gorgeous bath bombs. They’re made of all organic ingredients by refugees in Washington state in the US. Your gift recipient will also get a card introducing the refugee who made these bath bombs by hand after legally immigrating.

These bath bombs contain shea butter for extra skin softening. Plus, bath bombs from the Refugee Bath Co. look and smell great! A portion of the profits from your purchase goes to assist refugees.

6. Luxury Bath Bombs For Men By The Aqua Elegante Store

Luxury Bath Bombs for Men

These bath bombs are the perfect way for a man to wind down after a long day. The set of 12 large bath bombs are made with organic essential oils and come in 12 different scents: coconut, mango, jungle flower, lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, lemongrass and tea tree, ginger, apple and cinnamon, mint, chocolate, bergamot.

With 10 times more fragrance than a regular bath bomb, this bath gift for him comes in an elegant black box. The Luxury Bath Bombs for Men are made from paraben-free, natural plant-based materials and will soothe and moisturize his skin.

7. Color-Changing Mirror By ISTRIPEMF 

The top of a vanity with a white, vessel sink. Above the sink is a Color-Changing LED Bathroom Mirror. The mirror has multiple color lights on.

If you know someone who would appreciate an additional cool factor in their bathroom, look no further!  This LED bathroom mirror is a very popular pick! It covers the basics since it’s waterproof, shatterproof, and rustproof. But then it goes far beyond. 

This color-changing mirror will rotate through a customizable color palette and remember the last settings used. Help your gift recipient wake up to a party or soothe their senses before sleep by activating the power of color.

8. Antifog Bathroom Mirror With Bluetooth Speakers By Homewerks


If you have a large bathroom, the Homewerks Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers is one of the best models you can get. All four sides of the mirror are bordered with LED lights for complete viewing.

Unlike many shower radios, Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music free from static. In fact, you can both listen to and communicate with your Bluetooth device using the speakers. Better yet, the lights last 50,000 hours and are much more energy-efficient than regular lights. 

9. Luxury Bubble Bath By Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary Spa bubble bath bottle on a white towel

Sanctuary Spa products are paraben and microbead-free, and the company is against animal testing. The Luxury Spa Bath Float bubble bath product is cruelty-free and suitable for Vegans.

This product contains a mixture of ingredients designed to keep your skin healthy, like Omega 3, 6, and 9, and Vitamin E to restore moisture to dry skin.

Simply pour the bubble bath under the running water while you are filling the tub to create fragrant bubbles. Long-lasting fragrance technology in the product ensures that your skin will carry the scent for up to 12 hours after your soak.

10. Foaming Goat Milk Bath by Alpen


Not only does it smell incredible and lack parabens, but this milk bath forms thousands of bubbles so small that you feel exactly like you’re resting in a cloud.

With the Goat Milk Foaming Bath, you can surprise your bath taker with a delightful twist on a traditional bubble bath. Comes with 2 bottles. This milk bath contains lavender oil, which is proven to help us relax!

11. Bath Pillow By Gorilla Grip

Grey Gorilla grip bath neck pillow over the edge of the tub

The Gorilla grip bath pillow is a must for comfortable and luxurious soaking in the tub! At 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 4″ ( 31.7 x 31.7 x 10.1 cm), weighing only 2.2 ounces (63 grams), and with 7 strong suction cups to keep it in place, this pillow is compact enough to use on tubs of any size or shape but works best on straight-back and curved tubs.

Available in a range of pretty shades, this pillow is waterproof and fast-drying so that you won’t end up with a heavy water-logged pillow after your tub time. Simply air-dry or wipe dry after use.

12. Full Body Bath Pillow by AEROivi

Lady relaxing in a bubble bath on a full body pillow

The AEROiVi full body bath pillow is a lumbar pillow designed to provide comfort and support to the bather. The full body pillow has a soft cushion with extra padding support for the head and back and an independent adjustable lumbar pillow to use on your legs and feet.

Made from high-quality machine washable material and covered in an air mesh padding, simply hang the pillow up to dry after each use. 14 suction cups are on the underside of the pillow to keep it safely in place while you soak. Gently pull the tabs on the suction tabs to lift the pillow and store.

The pillow is easy to use and fits any tub. A durable non-woven bag is supplied with each pillow. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

13. VIP Men’s Skin Care Set By Thrive Natural Care Store

VIP Men’s Skin Care Set by Thrive Natural Care Store

This is the ideal gift for the man looking to wash, exfoliate, shave and soothe his skin. This organic skincare set will revitalize the appearance of his skin without irritating it. This set includes face wash, face scrub, shaving oil, and face balm. 

This unique VIP Men’s Skin Care Set offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed and is formulated with only plant-based oils from Costa Rica, making it vegan, paraben-free, non-GMO, and PABA-free. 

When you purchase from Thrive Natural, you support the rural Costa Rican farmers whose plants help make these one-of-a-kind, skin-soothing products. If your guy is also environmentally conscious, this is likely the perfect bath gift for him.

14. Blended Bamboo Towel Set By Cariloha


This bath towel set blends bamboo viscose with combed Turkish cotton. The result? A super plush, eco-friendly bath towel that resists bacteria and is extra absorbent.

Each Blended Bamboo Towel Set comes with a bath towel, a hand towel and a washcloth. This is the perfect towel set for anyone with sensitive skin.

15. Jaynesha 100% Cotton Ribbed Bath Towel (Set Of 4)

Grey 100% cotton ribbed towels on a wooden slatted mat - set of 4

The super plush 100% cotton Jaynesha ribbed towels are luxuriously soft and comfortable. Super absorbent and designed to help you dry off quicker, they are fade-resistant, have an extra thick weave, and are ribbed for extra texture.

Simply toss them in the washing machine after use and dry in the dryer. Machine washing will not affect the softness and texture of the towels, in fact, each towel will become softer with each wash!

These towels are made from natural materials and are free from all synthetic materials and any harmful chemicals, making them safe for the entire family to use.

16. Bucket Towel Warmer By TMWINGS

White towel warmer bucket with a brown wood handle

TMWINGS Towel warmers are fast and efficient. They can warm towels, blankets, and bathrobes in 10 minutes. A single-touch control allows you to choose from 4 heating settings to warm your items to your desired temperature.

This bucket-type towel warmer is portable, lightweight, and easy to use. The 20l drum capacity will hold 2 large bath towels, a bathrobe, Pj’s, or a single blanket at a time.

Easy to clean with a removable lid, this towel warmer is perfect for the home, pool house, and shower. A great holiday or house warming gift idea.

17.  Lauria Teak Shower Mat

Teak & wood shower mat

The Lauria shower mat is designed to bring a spa-like feel into your bathroom. Inspired by the mystery of Bali and crafted from naturally water-resistant teak, the clean lines and slatted design of this wooden shower mat ooze comfort as you step out of the tub.

This single-piece mat is mold and mildew-resistant, weighs 7 lbs (3.1 kg) and is stylish enough to use indoors or outdoors.

 18. Asia Teak Shower Bench By AquaTeak

20 Best Gifts For Bath Lovers

Every spa worth its cucumber water includes a comfortable seating area. Help your favorite bather relax by giving her a beautiful bathroom seat upon which to sit and daydream. The mildew-resistant AsiaTeak Shower Bench is both ultra-stylish and uber-comfortable.

19. Beard Kit For Men’s Grooming And Care By FULLIGHT TECH Store 

Men's Beard Grooming Kit

Does the man on your list have a beard? If so, this is the perfect bath gift for him. This beard kit contains unscented beard wash, beard oil, and beard balm.

The beard wash is formulated so that it doesn’t strip the natural oils from his beard. His beard will grow healthy and shiny with this pure and organic beard kit. 

In addition, the Beard Kit for Men’s Grooming and Care contains a comb, a boars’ hairbrush, stainless steel scissors and a bag to hold the products.

20. LED Flameless Candles


One of the most soothing bath ideas is to use candles. And while candles can incorporate both the scents of essential oils and chromotherapy, flame-free candles keep things safe.

These gorgeous LED Flameless Candles with Embedded Starlight String will definitely set the spa-like mood.

These flameless candles come 5 in a set, or 3 in a set, and you can turn them on or off with the remote control. You can also set the timer so they’ll automatically turn off whenever you choose. 

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