3 Fun Ways to Wrap DIY Bath Bombs

Gift Wrapped Bath Bombs

Gifting homemade bath bombs can be challenging if you haven’t figured out a good wrapping technique. Of course, you want them to look cute and festive and you also don’t want them to break.

To wrap bath bombs, consider making them in clear plastic ornament molds and leaving them in the molds to gift. You can also put them in a large mason jar, or even shrink wrap bath bombs with plastic wrap and place them in a basket.


3 Fun Ways to Wrap Bath Bombs


Now that you’ve learned how to make hard bath bombs, you want to share them with the world!

But what’s the best way to gift your homemade bath bombs? You have several choices:



1. Gift Bath Bombs in Plastic Ornament Molds


The safest way to gift a bath bomb is to leave it in the mold. But the stainless steel molds aren’t anything pretty. So, if you’ve made your bombs in stainless steel molds, you can remove the bombs after they harden and then place them into plastic ornament molds.

You can buy these sphere-shaped molds online or at craft stores, and fill them with candies or glitter, or hang them on a Christmas tree. However, they also work well for bath bombs. The great advantage of these is they make pretty containers if you are gifting your bath bombs. Personally, I find these the easiest molds to use.

So wrap your ornament molds with clear plastic cellophane and then tie with a ribbon. You can even decorate the plastic ornament using a Sharpie to give it extra pizazz. Write “Happy Birthday, Friend!” or whatever you like.



2.  Shrink Wrap Homemade Bath Bombs


Another option for wrapping your DIY bath bombs is to shrink wrap each one. This is a fun option because it’s like you’d get it from a store.

Simply take a square of plastic Saran Wrap. Wrap it around your bath bomb and then aim a hairdryer at it. The Saran Wrap will tighten around your bath bomb as it heats.

From here you can place your bath bombs in a gift bag or box. Be sure to crumple up a whole lot of tissue paper at the bottom of the bag or box, and then wrap each bath bomb in tissue paper for extra protection.



3. Present DIY Bath Bombs in a Wide-Mouthed Mason Jar


If you need to transport your bath bombs a long way, consider gifting them inside a wide-mouthed mason jar. You might fit only a few in each jar, but they’ll look truly special.

Put a square of colored fabric over the lid of the mason jar and then attach it with a rubber band. So cute and pretty!

Your homemade bath bombs should last up to 6 months, but only if stored properly. This means you need to keep them in a glass jar with a lid or a moisture-free, airtight plastic container.


Added Touch: Ingredient List


Consider adding a card with the list of ingredients in your bath bombs. Your recipient will appreciate knowing what’s going into her bath—and onto her skin. Plus, she may want to try to recreate the magic herself. A bath bomb gift with a list of ingredients attached always looks like the giver gave extra special care.


Hard Bath Bombs Are Easier to Wrap


Although there are several options for how to wrap bath bombs, you’ll have the best success of delivering a beautiful gift if your bath bombs have adequately hardened. There are several techniques you can use to make sure that your bath bombs don’t crumble to bits while you are wrapping them or transporting them.


Cream of Tartar


Consider adding a bit of cream of tartar to your DIY bath bomb recipe. Just a teaspoon in a resipe for 3 large bath bombs could do the trick. This common kitchen ingredient helps create harder bath bombs, as well as make them even fizzier.




Be sure that your bath bomb mixture is the right consistency. If it’s too wet, your bath bombs are likely to be soft and not very fizzy. And soft bath bombs are more apt to break. If your bath bomb consistency is to dry, though, your bath bombs are prone to crumble while you wrap or transport them. For tips and tricks on how to get the perfect consistency for your DIY bath bomb mixture, read Expanding or Crumbling Bath Bombs? Here’s Help!




Do not be impatient with letting your bath bombs dry. If you’re in a rush and you can’t leave them overnight in the molds in a cool, dry place, at least stick your drying bath bombs in the refrigerator for several hours. You may be tempted to peek in the molds before drying time is up–to just open the two halves a wee bit. Big mistake! By letting your bath bombs dry properly, you’re helping ensure that when you gift them, they will stay big and beautiful as you intended.


So How Long Will DIY Bath Bombs Last?


As a general rule of thumb, if your bath bombs are stored in a cool, dry place, they can last up to a 6 months before the fizz power slowly begins to dissipate. But they are safe to use up to a year, before the essential oils in them go rancid and can cause skin irritation. Find out much more about when and why unused bath bombs expire.


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