DIY Bath Bomb Recipe – Fall Asleep

A soothing bath bomb to relax you into a great night’s sleep

Fall Asleep Bath Bomb with Lavender

I wanted a DIY bath bomb recipe to help me sleep better. When I came up short, I created my own recipe for getting comfy and cozy. I’m happy to say that the Fall Asleep bath bomb succeeds in getting me ready for the sweetest dreams. Lavender is known to aid rest and relaxation.

Plus, the combination of oatmeal and avocado oil nourish my skin while I soak.

This is a striped bath bomb, so once I figured out how to make it, I’d added a new technique in your DIY bath bomb repertoire. If you want a beautiful bath bomb that will help you get your zzzs and teach you new DIY bath bomb skills, definitely give the Fall Asleep bath bomb a try.

homemade bath bomb called "Fall Asleep" in plastic ornament moldp
I’ve layered my purple and white mixture in each half of the mold. Now I add a handful of dried flowers in the middle. Then press the two halves together.


For a crazy amount of extra fizz, make an embed and plant it between the two spheres of your bath bomb. Making an embed is simple, so here’s the embed recipe.

To learn much more about making bath bombs, check out How to Make Bath Bombs: The Ultimate Guide. You’ll discover the secrets to bath bomb ingredients, including essential oils, carrier oils and fun extras. Also, you’ll get links to other DIY bath bomb recipes.

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How to Make the DIY Bath Bomb Called “Fall Asleep”

This bath bomb involves working with two separate colored mixtures. So wear rubber gloves, and when it’s time to pack your molds, use the left hand for the purple and the right hand for the white. That way you keep the striped effect working in the bath bomb, and the colors don’t mix.

This recipe makes 2 large ornament bath bombs or 4 medium-sized bath bombs. (It will vary depending on the size of your molds.)


  • Rubber Gloves
  • 2 Bowls
  • Spray Bottle for Witch Hazel
  • Bath Bomb Molds – spherical shape
  • Dried Flowers – I used mysotis and white jasmine
  • Small paintbrush

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