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5 Easy Homemade Bath Products to Enjoy and Gift!

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If you’ve scoured the internet for homemade bath products, you’ve probably found that those that are most gorgeous take the longest to make, and often have a list of steps or ingredients a mile long.

Now there’s help!

These 5 homemade bath products are so easy that once you get the ingredients, you can make each one in 5-10 minutes. Make them in bulk, and then put one of each into a Bath Lovers Gift Basket that your friends will just love!

In this post, I’ll not only show you how to make the bath products, but I’ll show you how to wrap your homemade bath products so they look extra adorable and celebratory.

I’m going to share easy DIY bath recipes so that you can make homemade bath products including bath salts, sugar scrubs, bubble bath (that makes the bubbliest bubbles), bar soap, and body butter.


5 Homemade Bath Products You Can Make in Minutes!


If you plan on making more than one recipe, or many portions of the same homemade bath product, I suggest gathering all your ingredients and containers first. Then you can whip these up in no time, whether you are making a single recipe for yourself or 8 gift baskets for your friends.

To download all the easy DIY bath recipes with clickable links to video tutorials and links to ingredients, get my FREE Bath Lovers Gift Basket Recipe Book. Simply fill out the form at the end of this post and I’ll send it straight to your inbox.



DIY Bubble Bath Recipe – Rosy Bubbles

Make Rosy Bubbles in 5 Minutes! | DIY Recipe

Do you love bubbles? Pour 1/4 cup of delicious-smelling Rosy Bubbles directly under the tub spout as your bath fills and prepare to be amazed!



Easy Soap Making – Hempseed Oil Soap


Easy Hemp Soap Recipe and Benefits!

Discover the miracle benefits! This moisturizing soap will leave your skin silky.



Best Body Butter Recipe – Peppermint Swirl


Easy Peppermint Swirl Body Butter | 5 Minute DIY Recipe!

Drench your skin in the bath or shower. Then quench your skin with this all-natural, intensely moisturizing body butter! 


How to Make Festive Bath Salts


Festive Bath Salts | DIY Recipe | Great Gift!

Make these stunning bath salts with Frankincense and rosemary in 5 minutes! (In spring or summer, substitute rose essential oil for Frankincense.)

Scoop out a handful and rub on rough skin to exfoliate and feel silky smooth! 


Super Easy DIY Sugar Scrub with Green Tea, Mint and Coconut Oil


Make Green Tea Sugar Scrub in 10 Minutes | Easy DIY Recipe!

Exfoliate with sugar, energize with green tea, and nourish with coconut oil!


How to Wrap Homemade Bath Products

If you choose to gift your homemade bath products, then remember what Oprah used to say: “Love is in the details.” You’ll want to choose the right containers for each product and then put the jars together in a festive-looking basket.

I show you exactly how to do that when you download the FREE Bath Lover’s Recipe Book. Just fill out the form below and I’ll send you all 5 recipes with clickable links to ingredients and videos, as well as help for packaging your amazing homemade bath products. 

Once you have the containers and ingredients, you’ll be able to make 8 gift baskets, each with 5 different bath products, in about an hour. Then you can enjoy your delicious smelling, gorgeous homemade products for months!

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