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You may know that you want a freestanding tub (like the one from Woodbridge pictured above) will be the crown jewel of your bathroom and provide therapy for mind, body and soul. So what are the best freestanding tubs currently on the market?

The reviews below will tell you how to find the best match for your particular needs, whether your top priority is soaking depth, tub shape, style or price.


Best Freestanding Tubs for This Year


Woodbridge B-0111

Best Value

Vanity Art Soaker

Best Tub for Two

Mirage Hammock

Read on below for our picks of the best freestanding soaking bathtubs currently on the market.


Woodbridge B-0011 Freestanding Soaker Tub

Woodbridge B-0011

Contemporary lines. Great price.


  • Lightweight for easier installation
  • Double-walled for heat retention
  • Great price
  • Beautiful


  • May be too short for a taller-than-average person

Capacity: 55 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Oval

Size: 59″ x 28.75 x 27.5

Weight: 83 lbs

Material: Acrylic

The Woodbridge B-0011 is a quality freestanding tub that comes at a very reasonable price. Despite the price, Woodbridge is by no means a budget brand, and can easily compete with the more expensive tubs out there.

Being made of acrylic allows the B-001 to hold a respectable 55 gallons while being light at just 83 pounds and durable. The lightweight makes for easy transport and installation. Unlike some heavier soaker tubs, it’s unlikely you’ll need to add additional floor supports. This tub is also double-walled, which means it will retain heat longer.

These factors combine to create one of the most comfortable and affordable bathtubs on the market, and is the reason the B-0011 is at the top of our list.



2. Best Value for a free Standing Tub

Vanity Art Modern Soaking Tub

Vanity Art Modern Soaking Tub

Extra depth. Great value.


  • Unique, elegant lines
  • Simple installation
  • Self-leveling legs
  • Great value


  • Included drain line is not top quality, so you may want to replace it

Capacity: 47 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Oval

Size: 55″ x 28″ x 29:

Weight: 79.8 lbs

Material: Fiberglass & Acrylic

The Vanity Art Modern Soaking Tub is perfect for homeowners who want a contemporary statement piece that doesn’t break the bank.

This tub has an oval shape with a slippered end, making it a modern twist on a slippered clawfoot. The pop-up drain is polished chrome on the left, and it comes with a polished chrome overflow drain as well.

The great price of this tub means that some features have to be cut and, for this reason, the tub lacks any jets and has a plumbing line that isn’t top quality but can be replaced.

Despite some drawbacks, the Vanity Art Modern Soaking Tub is an undeniably good deal and if you want a freestanding tub, it should definitely be on your radar.


3. Best Freestanding Tub for Two

2 bathers enjoying a soak in the hammock bath

Mirage Hammock Bathtub

Infinitely alluring. Practically designed


  • Easy installation
  • Flat bottom fits 3 kids or 2 adults
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Eleven inches longer than standard bath size, so may not work in small bathroom

Capacity: 50 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Oval

Size: 70.9″ x 35.4″ x 23.2″

Weight: 286 pounds

Material: Solid surface

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The Mirage is a freestanding hammock bathtub that blends beauty with functionality. It’s designed to fit two adults or three children comfortably. The contemporary design and flat bottom bring style and class to your bathroom. 

This solid surface bathtub has excellent heat retention. It’s available in two standard sizes and four modern colors to match your decor –  Alabaster, Ebony and Flower (a hand-painted motif). This tub is available in the Slimline or the Mark II version of the model, which offers 4-5 inches (100mm – 125mm) of extra depth.


4. Best Japanese Style Free Standing Tub



Aquatica True Ofuro Nano Soaking Tub

Ultimate comfort. Great for narrow spaces


  • Great for bathers of all heights
  • Built-in backrest for maximum comfort
  • Customizable chromotherapy and hydrotherapy
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Ecofriendly, award-winning solid surface material


  • Higher price point due to extra features and luxury material

Capacity: 63 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Oval

Size: 55″ x 27.5″ x 24″

Drain: Reversible

Material: AquateX Composite

Use Coupon Code SHANA10 for 10% off all purchases at Aquaticausa.com

Free standing Japanese soaking tubs are quickly rising in popularity all over the world. The international design team at Aquatica created this tub to accomplish the ultimate soak for bathers of all heights. Plus, this tub will easily fit through a standard 32-inch doorway, while offering an impressive soaking depth of 27 inches.

You can customize this modern Japanese soaking tub with hydromassage jets or chromotherapy. This tub is also available in a range of sizes and color combinations.

The solid surface material is double-layered for maximum heat retention. It contains an antimicrobial solution that means you don’t need to worry about mildew or mold. It’s also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Visit the Aquatica website and get any questions answered in the chat. Use the coupon code SHANA10 at checkout for 10% off any Aquatica tub.

5. Best Freestanding Jetted Tub


Empava Freestanding Whirlpool Tub

6 water jets. Hand-held shower.


  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable massaging jets
  • 3 shower settings
  • Auto-shutoff to protect pumps


  • Can’t adjust the headrest since it’s set into the ledge

Capacity: 100 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Round

Size: 59″ D x 29.59″ H

Weight: 180 lbs

Material: Acrylic, Fiberglass & Stainless Steel

This tub comes with 6 water jets (2 jets in the lumbar region, 4 jets in the body region), a water-resistant pillow,  and a movable shower head.

The jets are the real showstopper of the tub since they’re adjustable and user-friendly. One of the great features of the jets is the 60-minute auto shut-off protection technology to prevent pump failures.

This tub provides comfort on another level and goes above and beyond when it comes to ensuring the best therapeutic soaking experience possible.



6. Best for Small bathroom


FerdY Bali Acrylic Tub

Small footprint. Deep soak.


  • Simple installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heat retention
  • Soaking depth – 15.4″


  • Poor packaging

Capacity: 39 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Oval

Size: 47.2″ x 25.6″ x 23.6″

Weight: 59.4 lbs

Material: Acrylic

Bigger isn’t always better and the FerdY 47″ Bali Acrylic Tub brings home that point. Although it can only contain 39 gallons and weighs a modest 75.8 pounds, a comfortable soak comes easily in this tub with 3.5 inches of extra soaking depth over a traditional bathtub.

Another benefit of this tub is the easy installation. The tub comes with a detailed instruction manual showing step-by-step illustrations on how to implement the tub into your bathroom. Being made of 100% glossy white acrylic reinforced with fiberglass means the tub is eco-friendly and has long-lasting durability. 

The  FerdY 47″ Bali Acrylic Tub’s affordable price point, easy installation, and integrated slotted overflow all help to cement this as an excellent tub for any small bathroom.



7. Best Freestanding Tub for Large Bathroom


Americh Contura II 7232 Tub

Large footprint. Ergonomic design. Customizable with jets.


  • Thick walls for heat retention
  • 17-inch soaking depth
  • Easy to clean
  • Able to order with custom-placed air jets


  • Pricey

Capacity: 95 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Oval

Size: 72″ x 32″ x 24″

Weight: 370 lbs

Material: Acrylic

Looking for a large tub? The Americh Contura 7232 has you covered. With its ultra-thick walls and elegant oval shape this bathtub will leave you feeling extra relaxed after a long soak.

This tub can hold 95 gallons of water and weighs 370.5 pounds. One of the hidden features of this tub is its thick walls which act as a heat retainer and allows your water to stay warmer for longer. 

The shape of this tub is also incredibly comfortable and offers great back support that can’t be found in every tub. Another perk is the 20-year residential warranty that comes with the purchase of this tub.

If you’re looking to fill a large bathroom and have the extra space, the Americh Contura 7232 may be the perfect bathtub for you.


8. Best Cast Iron Clawfoot


Kohler Iron Works K-710-P5-0

Extra wide. Cast iron


  • Quiet fill
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Gorgeous aesthetic
  • Rare size – extra wide


  • Weight may add cost to transport and installation

Capacity: 64 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Oval

Size: 66″ x 36″ x 24.5″

Weight: 545 lbs

Material: Cast Iron

The Kohler Iron Works K-710-P5-0 is a beautiful, durable, comfortable tub that brings a vintage look into your home. Cast iron is the best bathtub material for heat retention, as well as filling quietly.

With its black exterior and white interior, along with black claw and ball clawfeet, the K-710-P5-0 is sure to shine as the focal point of any bathroom.

Unlike most cast iron tubs, this one is a rare gem, providing extra width as well as molded lumbar support for comfort. The addition of a slip-resistant surface on the bathtub floor and a reversible drain make this tub a standout in the cast-iron tub class.



9. Best Hammered Copper Tub

Wood Tubber

Soluna Japanese Style Soaking Tub

Contemporary or minimalist. Built-in bench


  • Small footprint
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Easy to clean
  • Extra deep soak


  • Pricey

Capacity: 158 Gallons

Installation: Freestanding

Shape: Round

Size: 39″ D x 31″ Interior H

Weight: 165 lbs

Material: Lead-Free Copper

Copper is a gorgeous bathtub material with some outstanding properties, including the fact that a copper tub is likely to last longer than you do! Copper is also eco-friendly and antibacterial.

This copper soaking tub can hold an impressive 158 gallons while taking up a modest amount of space. Also, the ofuro-style round shape with a seat allows you to fully immerse yourself in the tub.

Another perk of this tub is the material it is made of lead-free copper. This is an adaptable natural metal that contains antimicrobial properties, making it much easier to clean than your standard tub.

If you have been eyeing a copper tub, the Soluna Copper Japanese Soaking Tub is well worth your consideration.


What the Best Freestanding Tubs Have in Common


Whether you are looking for a jetted freestanding bathtub or a simple tub with elegant lines for a long hot soak, you’ll discover that the best freestanding tubs have a few characteristics in common:

  • Gorgeous design
  • Great heat retention
  • Durable material
  • Easy maintenance
  • Better-than-average soaking depth

You may be interested in some bells and whistles to go with your free-standing bathtub, and many best-in-class tubs offer these, including:

  • Handheld shower
  • Waterfall faucet
  • Air jets
  • Water jets

Just keep in mind that the best freestanding tub is the right one for you. And there is nothing better about a freestanding tub than its ability to provide you with a hot soak that melts away your worries and soothes any aches and pains. Beyond that, if you are in a high-income real estate market, the addition of one of these tubs can certainly add value to your home.

If you need further help making your decision, this guide on how to choose a bathtub will walk you through the process step-by-step.

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