Is a Marble Bathtub Worth It? 11 Pros & Cons + Alternatives

Marble Bathtub

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A marble bathtub adds a sense of style and luxury to any bathroom. The cool stone and elegant colors invite you to relax and soak away your cares.

A marble bathtub is durable, long-lasting, and super easy to clean. From brilliant white to black, blue, and green, the elegant colors of marble bathtubs will easily complement your existing décor.

Most modern homes have at least one bathtub. The type and style of the tub largely depend on the taste, style, and budget of the homeowner.

Choosing the perfect bathtub can be daunting, so read on for tips and ideas on what to look for when selecting the best marble bathtub.

What Is a Natural Marble Bathtub?

Photo of tundra gray hand-carved marble bathtub available on
Hand-carved tundra gray marble bathtub. See it on

A marble bathtub is the ultimate in luxury tubs! While marble bathtubs can be an expensive purchase, it is an investment that will last a lifetime.

You can find bathtubs that are made of natural marbles.

Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it originated as one rock type and was transformed over centuries into another kind of stone. Marble originated as limestone that was subject to high pressure and high heat.

These stones are dug out of the earth and then master artisans will carve them into a bathtub.

What Is a Cultured Marble Bathtub? 

There are also bathtubs made from cultured marble, a synthetic material that blends natural marble with resins and dyes. The material is placed in a mold that can be made in any shape and then it’s coated with a gel.

These tubs offer buyers a more budget-friendly option while still providing an ultra-luxurious bathtub.

How Much Does a Marble Bathtub Cost?

Drakes 4000 pound bath tub delivery.

A cultured marble bathtub could cost around $1,700- $2,200, plus another $200-$300 for installation. (source)

On the other hand, a natural stone marble bathtub can cost anywhere from $3,000.00 to $16,000.00, not including installation.  

However, because a marble tub is extremely heavy, installation costs can run as much as the tub itself. More than one person will be needed to move the tub into your home. You also might need added floor supports. 

Watch the video above to see what was involved in delivering a 4,000-pound (gorgeous!) black marble freestanding tub to the rapper Drake’s mansion.

7 Pros of a Marble Bathtub

bathroom ideas
Natural stone marble bathtub. See it on Etsy.


Because marble tubs are extremely expensive relative to other bathtub materials, it’s worth reviewing the pros and cons before making the investment.


1. Marble Bathtubs Are Gorgeous

Aesthetically, you will never find a better-looking bathtub than a marble bathtub.  

Marble has a very classic look. With its huge variety of colors, patterns, and styles, you can find a shade to suit your design style and décor. 

A product of natural stone, no two pieces of marble will ever be the same, ensuring a unique look for your bathtub.


2. Marble Bathtubs are Custom-Built

Whether you are looking for a square-shaped tub, a round tub, or a soaking tub, customize your bathtub to suit your bathroom design.

Each marble bathtub is made to order, allowing you the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom bathtub masterpiece. 

Customize your tub according to your size and comfort.


3. Marble Is Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency of marble is unrivaled by other bathtub materials. The marble absorbs heat and retains it for a long time, keeping your bath water temperature warmer for longer. 

This results in fewer top-ups needed from your hot water faucet, reducing your energy cost for water heating.


4. Marble is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Marble bathtubs are created using a single, large slab of marble. No joints, no glue, and no seams joining themMarble. There are no cracks for water to drip through, and therefore, no places for mold to grow!

Marble is so easy to clean. All it takes is regular, gentle wiping with a wet cloth to keep it in tip-top condition. Don’t use acidic chemical cleaners as these could damage your marble – and that’s it.


5. Marble is Durable and Long Lasting

Marble is made from natural stone, so it’s a hard and durable material by nature. It will stand the test of time better than other bathtub materials and will last forever if you look after it correctly.


6. There Are Budget-Friendly Marble Options

Marble is pricey depending on the type of stone, slab, and availability.

If a bespoke Marble bathtub is a bit too pricey for you, but you love the idea of a stylish luxury tub, try the Marble-coated option. Cultured or Faux Marble options are more affordable but still offer the look and style of the real deal.


7. A Marble Bathtub Increases the Value of Your Home

A marble bathtub is a great investment and will add to the overall value of your home. Adding a functional and stylish marble bathtub to your bathroom can cinch the deal for potential buyers looking for a certain elegance and luxury feel.

Real estate brokers in high end markets agree that a luxury tub in a primary bathroom is almost expected. 

Hyleri Katzenberg is a realtor with Compass in both Fairfield County, Connecticut and Southeast, Florida. She says, “When there’s a big, luxurious master bath, a bathtub puts an exclamation point on a home.”

4 Cons of a Marble Bathtub

Stone Bathtub - Marble

1. Marble is Expensive

The price of marble is determined by the style, color, and availability of the slab. Setting a budget allows you to stay with your parameters without affecting the rest of the bathroom renovation.

Installation is costly and is determined by the tub’s weight and any remodeling needed to fit the tub in the space.


2. Marble Is Heavy

A marble bath could weigh up to 3000 pounds (1360kgs). Before installing a marble tub, you might have to reinforce the bathroom floor.


3. Marble Can Stain and Crack

Some marble types require regular sealing to prevent scratches and staining. Chemical cleaners can stain marble or cause it to discolor over time. 

Some types of marble can succumb to thermal shock and crack if the water temperature is too hot.


4. Marble is Slippery

The smoothness and sheerness of marble create a very slippery surface. You’ll always need to use caution when entering and exiting the bathtub. Some marble suppliers offer non-slip solutions, so talk to the supplier before buying.

Types of Natural Marbles

Let’s look at the variety of natural marble stones that you might see in a showroom:

Types of Natural MarblesCharacteristics
CalacattaBrilliant white in color with dark, thick veining, the epitome of luxury. Visually impressive, used for bespoke bathtubs. Considered the most expensive marble type and is used by those who enjoy a minimalist feel in the bathroom.
Calacatta GoldA sophisticated, glamorous, brilliant white with gold veining. Perfect for bathroom conditions.
Calacatta BorghiniBrilliant white, combining grey and gold, veining elegance. Sturdy with understated elegance.
CarraraRobust material, darker grey, most common Marble type used for bathtubs with a classic look.
EmperadorAvailable in many different colors, the most popular are darker shades of brown with intense white veining. Used to create a contrasting design in the bathroom with the bathtub as a centerpiece

Choosing Your Marble Bathtub Color

Best materials for your bathtub

Marble slabs are available in different colors, styles, and patterns to suit the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Marble is characterized by the multicolored veining or zig-zag lines that run throughout the colored slab, creating a unique look.

There are a wide variety of colors available, so you can choose a tub that matches your existing bathroom décor without too much effort.

Some of the more popular marble bathtub colors are:

ColorPattern and aesthetic value
BlackModern, sophisticated, and edgy. Look for white or gold veins running through the stone
BlueBold and unique, offering a calming effect
BrownNatural earth tones enhance your eco-friendly space
CreamUnderstated elegance blends seamlessly with all other colors
GreenBold with style and distinction
GreyBrings style and sophistication to the bathroom
RedBold and distinguished, red works well with white, black, and grey
WhiteClean, natural-looking finish, wears well over time, adds luxury and elegance
YellowSubtle and daring with an added sense of luxury

Marble Bathtub Styles

Bathtub Made of Marble


Free Standing Marble Bathtubs

This style can be placed in any spot on the floor instead of against a wall. Very pleasant to look at, they complement any style and look.

These tubs are available in an array of different shapes and sizes to fit any space. Round, oval, rectangular, or elongated, free-standing tubs are designed to make a statement!


Drop-in Marble tubs

The tub type is built into a frame with a rim that is flush with the deck and can be any shape or style.


Corner Marble Bathtubs

The best tub for a cozy corner nook! Rectangular or triangular-shaped tubs are the best model for this space. Customize your corner tub by adding water jets!

Alternatives to a Marble Bathtub

travertine bathtub
Gorgeous hand-carved gray travertine bathtub. 100% natural stone. See it on Etsy.

Use any of these materials as an alternative to marble:


This natural stone is often used for bathtubs and sometimes is even marketed as “marble.” However, the two are not the same, although both come from limestone. While marble is a metamorphic rock, travertine is sedimentary. A travertine bathtub has a naturally anti-slip texture.    


A natural stone as beautiful as marble with very similar colors and characteristics. Granite is a harder, stronger, material than Marble and more resistant to scratches and chips.


Harder than marble offering the same air of elegance and luxury.


Similar veining to marble, heat resistant, durable and beautiful.

Other Luxury Tub Types

You might also be interested in another type of luxury tub such as a:

Japanese Soaking Tub

Copper Bathtub

Infinity Bathtub

So Is a Marble Bathtub Worth It?

grey bathtub with marble

If you’ve got money to invest in your primary bathroom, a marble bathtub can be the ultimate in luxury. Of all the bathtub materials, a marble tub can truly introduce charm and sophistication into your space.

Marble is unique in that each slab is different. No two slabs are ever the same color, so when you buy a marble bathtub, you are purchasing a customized masterpiece.

A marble bathtub is a long-term investment, adding value to your home, so choose wisely and enjoy your luxury tub!

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