The Best Ways to Move and Get Rid of a Hot Tub

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A hot tub is not easy to move or get rid of. Either process is challenging and requires planning and time. Whether you are relocating to a new home or simply replacing your old hot tub, read on for our expert tips on how to move and get rid of a hot tub efficiently and safely.

Moving a Hot Tub Made Easy

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The best and easiest way to move a hot tub is to hire professional hot tub movers. Many moving companies have experience transporting and moving hot tubs carefully and safely, preventing any serious damage to the tub or to your back and knees.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to professional movers, then rope in at least 3 or 4 friends to help you move the hot tub to its new location – please don’t attempt to move a hot tub on your own!

For a DIY relocation to run smoothly without any unnecessary risk to people or the hot tub, follow these steps:

1. Plan the Move

Whether you are moving your hot tub across the room or across the country, planning is essential for the move to happen smoothly without any risk to yourself or the tub. Consider the following:

CostsBudget for equipment and truck hire, fuel costs, and labor.
TimeFactor in time for packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and reassembly.
LocationPrepare the new location ahead of time to avoid unpleasant surprises.
DangersConsider the size and weight of the hot tub and plan for personal injuries and damages.
MeasurementsMeasure doorways, gates, pathways, and truck entrances. Check the hot tub dimensions and ensure it will fit.
EquipmentHire all necessary equipment for the job (see the list below). You might need to rent a crane to lift the hot tub over obstructions.
RoutePlan the route. Remove obstacles, know the time of day, where to park the truck, and how to get the hot tub through the door.
Local regulationsPrevent fines and penalties by consulting your local regulations concerning how to remove, recycle or dispose of your hot tub.

2. Gather Your Equipment

Before you move the hot tub, ensure you have the correct moving equipment:

  • A moving truck large enough to carry the hot tub (if you are relocating). Measure the truck to see that it will safely carry the hot tub. Ensure the truck has a loading ramp.
  • At least two 4-wheeled furniture dollies (from your local HomeDepot)
  • One appliance dolly (from your local HomeDepot)
  • 4×4 Wood risers
  • Moving straps
  • Furniture blankets, heavy-duty plastic, waterproof tarp
  • Personal protection gear – leather gloves, back support brace

3. Disconnect the Power

Technician servicing electrical panel

To prepare your hot tub for removal, turn off and disconnect the power supply. The safest way to power down the hot tub is to switch it off directly at the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuit breaker.

If you can’t find the breaker box, unplug the hot tub at the power outlet. Ensure the hot tub’s display panel is not working before you continue.

Either remove the power cord or wrap it up to prevent anyone from tripping over it during the moving process.

4. Drain the Hot Tub

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Drain the hot tub completely to reduce its weight and prevent water damage during transportation. If you have the time, drain the tub at least 24 hours before the move to allow the tub to dry completely, otherwise, wipe the tub with a clean cloth to dry.

There are 2 methods to drain water from a hot tub:

  • Unscrew the drainage plug, attach a garden hose to the outlet, and allow the water to flow out. This could take a few hours.
  • Use a submersible pump – this will pump the water out of the tub quickly, saving you time.

5. Remove the Hot Tub Cover

Remove the hot tub cover and wrap it in plastic. This should be transported separately from the tub to prevent damage to the lid or any of the components. Pack it into the removal truck to transport to the new location.

6. Package the Hot Tub for Transport

To prevent any damage during the moving process, it’s important to protect your hot tub. Cover the entire tub with furniture blankets, a waterproof tarp, or heavy-duty plastic wrap to protect it from scratches, dings, and debris.

7. Lift the Hot Tub

Working as a team, raise one corner of the hot tub and slide the risers underneath. Repeat on each corner. Slide the dollies underneath to lift the tub. Secure the tub using the moving straps.

If the tub is transported on its side, watch out for the control panel, as it could sustain serious damage if the weight of the tub lies on it.

8. Transport the Hot Tub

Once the hot tub is securely tied onto the dollies, wheel it to its new home or onto the moving truck.

Push the dollies up the ramp and onto the truck. Don’t remove the hot tub from the dollies during transit. Secure the hot tub and dollies to the truck using the moving straps to keep it from moving or shifting.

9. Unload and Set Up

Once the hot tub has reached its new home, slowly unload it from the truck and move it to its new home. Check for and avoid obstructions along the route.

Remove the blankets and packaging from the hot tub. Place the tub in its new location. Slide the raisers underneath the tub and remove the dollies.

Lift each corner of the tub, one at a time, and remove the risers. Slowly place the tub down on the ground and check that it is level.

10. Connect and Refill the Hot Tub

senior man filling hot tub with water after cleaning the hot tob on the screened-in lanai

Clean the tub and inspect it for any damages. Connect the power and refill the hot tub. Add the required chemicals and cover the tub with the lid to keep the water clean and sparkling until you are ready to relax and enjoy your hot tub in its new place.

Watch this video for a quick and simple method to move your hot tub.

How to Move a Hot Tub Using a U-Haul Auto Transport Trailer

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Your Hot Tub

When your old faithful hot tub has come to the end of its time with you, it’s essential to dispose of it responsibly. There are various ways to get rid of your unwanted hot tub safely and cost-effectively, so make sure to do thorough research, plan ahead, and choose the option that best suits your goals and resources.


Consider recycling options, as many parts of the tub, like the shell and the electronics, can be recycled. Contact local recycling facilities or waste management centers to learn about their hot tub recycling services.

Many centers will collect the old hot tub from your home for free.

Sell or Donate

If your hot tub is still in good working condition, selling or donating it is another great option. Advertise it online through classified websites or local community groups. Be sure to provide accurate details and high-quality images to attract potential buyers.

Donating to charitable organizations or community centers is also a great way to give your working hot tub a new home.

DIY Options

If you are a handyman and have decided to trash your hot tub, you can easily dispose of it for free by chopping it up into small pieces and discarding it. Load up your trailer and dump it all at your local landfill.

Remove all working parts and anything of value. These can be sold to scrap dealers or donated to charity groups.

Another option is to repurpose your old hot tub and turn it into something unique. Turn the tub into a backyard fishpond, a sandbox for the kids, or a vegetable garden! Flip the tub upside down, cut out a door, and the kids have a new fort!

Trade It on a New Hot Tub

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Many hot tub dealers operate a trade-in program on new deals. The value of the old tub can be offset against the value of the new tub. Check with local dealers regarding deals and promotions.

How To Dispose Of A Hot Tub Safely

Hot tubs are not generally accepted at landfills, and you can’t leave them out with the trash. So how do you get rid of your unwanted hot tub?

Hot Tub Removal Services

If you don’t know what to do with your old hot tub or hot tub accessories, call your local hot tub removal service. They will disassemble and remove any unwanted equipment. Many of the components are reused, repurposed, or recycled, keeping them from landfills.

Request a quote for the removal and safe disposal of your unwanted hot tub.

Sustainable Options to Discard Your Hot Tub

Modern hot tubs are made from recyclable materials and use less power than older ones making them more environmentally friendly. Check your local regulations for guidelines on the sustainable disposal of large items like hot tubs.

The key to sustainable hot tub disposal is finding options to minimize waste and maximize recycling or repurposing. Choosing responsible alternatives allows you to contribute to a cleaner environment and reduce the impact on landfills.

So, Should I Move or Get Rid of My Hot Tub?

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Considering the costs, time, and risks of moving a hot tub to your new home, it might be better to simply try to sell the one you own now and purchase a new one after the move is complete.

If you’re selling your home, the best option might be to add the price of the hot tub to the overall sale price of the property. If that is not an option, try and sell the hot tub separately and privately.

Safety should always be a priority when moving or getting rid of a hot tub. If you’re unsure about the process, consult with professionals. With proper planning and execution, you can effectively move or dispose of your hot tub with ease.

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