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The Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup | 13 Tips & Product Recommendations

Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup

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Adjusting the lighting in your bathroom can have a dramatic effect on how well you apply your makeup. 

With the right balance, temperature, and amount of illumination, you’ll get a much better end result—but what are the keys to achieving the best bathroom lighting for applying makeup?

In this article, I share basic tips to achieve the best bathroom lighting for your makeup. Then I’ll show you the specific lighting products you can get to help you do the job.

The Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup – 6 Tips

Here are tips that cosmetologists for celebrities use when applying makeup for their famous clients, who get snapped by the paparazzi on their way to the pharmacy by day and walk the red carpet by night.

1. Use Artificial Daylight or Natural Lighting

Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup

Experts agree that natural light is the most flattering light source for makeup application. 

Unfortunately, most bathrooms don’t have many windows to allow in natural sunlight—and, even if you’re lucky enough to have a window, or a bathroom skylight,  the position of the sunlight also matters. 

Avoid sitting with your back to a window, as this darkens the face, making it more challenging to apply detailed makeup. It will require you to have additional light sources to balance everything out.

Use Warm Natural Light for Makeup

Artificial “warm natural light” is the next best thing when sunlight isn’t available or it casts shadows on your face.

When choosing artificial lighting for makeup, opt for around 4800-5000 Kelvins (a measurement for color temperature). This provides a white light that’s not too warm and not too cool, getting very close to daylight temperature.

However, if you’re attempting to photograph your makeup, you may want to opt for 2700-3000K for a softer, warmer light that creates a healthy glow.

2. Light Your Mirror from the Front  


Unless you have a perfectly lit mirror with light at the ideal angle relative to your face, chances are, you’ll have to utilize multiple light sources to achieve the best lighting for makeup.

Aside from using integrated mirror bulbs, the best way to achieve even, natural lighting for makeup is to place two lights on the left and right side and slightly in front of you—but who has the bathroom vanity counter space for that?

The reality is that most of us don’t have the room to spare. Besides, unless you have a big mirror, placing two light fixtures on the bathroom countertop can block the view of the mirror.

The intricacies of applying eyeshadow, blending your blush, and getting that perfect winged eyeliner call for excellent lighting. To allow for better up-close detailed work, keep the bathroom light source as close to the face as possible without making your skin look washed out. 

3. Attach Lights Directly Onto the Bathroom Mirror


The more layers of light you have in the bathroom, the easier it will be to see details in your makeup application. 

Even if you have a source of light hitting the mirror from the front, you may also opt to install lights directly onto the bathroom mirror.

Mirror lights are excellent at increasing the light output in an otherwise poorly lit bathroom. Many of these are made from LED strip lights, which have become increasingly popular thanks to their ease of installation, brightness, and the fact that the strips occupy very little space.

4. Use LED Light Bars on Either Side of the Mirror

Bathroom Sconces on Side of Mirrors

Light bars on either side of the bathroom mirror are for the best makeup application. They remove shadows that can fall on your face from a window that’s not in an ideal place or an overhead light.  

So if you’re remodeling a bathroom, rather than placing a sconce above the mirror, opt for two on either side instead.

5. Invest in an Anti-Fog Mirror

steamed up bathroom mirror with condensation and a heart shape made with someone's finger

It’s hard to get a great makeup application if your bathroom mirror is fogged over. Even if you wipe it with a towel, if the bathroom isn’t steam-free, it’s likely to refog while you’re working on your makeup. 

Fortunately, there’s a great solution and it’s called a steam-free mirror (or anti-fog mirror). These mirrors work by adding a heating panel behind the mirror’s surface. This prevents the formation of condensation on the glass.

Many of these anti-fog mirrors also provide LED lighting with adjustable color temperature. 

6. Choose the Right Type of Bulbs

Bathroom Lightbulbs for Makeup

If you are using artificial light to apply makeup, make sure that you choose the right light bulbs. 

Today, there are many different types of light bulbs available, including:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • LED

Finding the right type of bulbs is key to getting the best lighting for your makeup. Let’s compare the main features of incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs:

Type of BulbDimmableAdjustable HuesFlatteringCool TouchGood for Makeup

As you can see, LED bulbs check every box, whereas fluorescents tend to fall short. Incandescents are acceptable, but they offer little functionality compared to LEDs.

Now, let’s explore each bulb and its features a little more in-depth:

Incandescent Bulbs

These warm-hued bulbs provide flattering light suitable for makeup application, but there are many drawbacks. 

One major downside is that incandescents emit heat Which means they could cause you to sweat off your makeup, especially when using this lighting near the face. Also, you can’t adjust the brightness or hue. 

Let’s just say that there are far better lighting options on the market that won’t melt your foundation!

Fluorescent Bulbs

Most makeup lovers know that fluorescent lights are horrifically unflattering, yet they’re common in most retail and grocery stores. 

Even famed musician Mariah Carey refuses to go grocery shopping because of the poor lighting

Fluorescent light bulbs hide your best features, enhance your worst, and they contain mercury! It’s best to just avoid these bulbs altogether.

LED Bulbs 

LEDs have become increasingly popular for several reasons, including energy efficiency and the ability to dim. Additionally, some models—referred to as smart bulbs—even offer adjustable hues. 

LED bulbs provide far more functionality than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and allow you to save money and adjust the brightness based on your needs.

7 Best Bathroom Lighting Products for Makeup Application

Makeup Bathroom Lighting Products

As you browse my product recommendations below, keep in mind that the best bathroom lighting comes from a variety of sources and that a warm natural color temperature is best for makeup application.


1. Rechargeable Trifold Vanity Mirror

tri-fold makeup mirror with lights on white background

To bring the light closer to your face, utilize a portable lighted makeup mirror. There are hundreds of portable cosmetic mirrors on the market. Some even offer magnifying settings to help you get up close with your makeup application.

The Rechargeable Trifold Vanity Mirror features 60 LED bead lights and three different lighting modes: natural white, white, and warm white. 

It closes up for easy storage and should fit nicely in a bathroom cabinet or at the corner of your countertop.

See it on Amazon

2. UBeesize Selfie Ring Light

UBeesize 10 inch Selfie Ring Light with Tripod on Amazon

 You can find ring lights in multiple sizes and forms, including tall stands, clips for attaching to laptops, and even phone-mounted lights. However, for your bathroom, you’ll want something like this UBeesize Selfie Ring Light, available on Amazon.com. 

This light easily sits on a bathroom vanity and adjusts for the perfect balanced light. It offers three light settings, including warm white, cool white, and daylight.

See it on Amazon

3. Hansong Hollywood Makeup Mirror

light with miror

With the Hansong Hollywood Makeup Mirror, you can have perfect visibility into your makeup application at any time of day. It even comes with a small magnifying mirror that sticks onto the regular mirror with suction cups so you can inspect every stroke of eyeliner or lipstick.

While there are three settings – warm white, daylight, and cool white – you can set the bulbs to any level of brightness you like best, hit the memory button, and the mirror will keep your preferred settings. Then when you use the touch sensor, this LED lit mirror will light up perfectly for you.

The 12 LED bulbs last 50,000 hours, so you should never need to replace them.

4. Hollywood Glam Style Makeup Mirror Lights

PHUMEX Led Vanity Mirror Lights, Hollywood Style Vanity Make Up Light at makeup desk

For semi-permanent lights, consider the LPHUMEX LED Vanity Mirror Lights, available on Amazon.com. The lights are dimmable and waterproof. The price is reasonable, and installation is easy and stress-free. 

You don’t have to drill in the walls or have any knowledge of electrical wiring. They securely stick to the frame, but if desired, you can remove them using an adhesive remover.

See it on Amazon

5. Removable LED Mirror Lights

Split screen image. Woman above puts lipstick on using Benature LED Mirror light, Woman below puts on blush using same light.
The Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup | 13 Tips & Product Recommendations

You could also go for these Portable LED Mirror Lights which can be placed on the mirror and taken off with ease using the included suction cups and clips. 

It comes with two dimmable lights capable of three different levels of brightness. These are an excellent choice for renters since you can remove the lights easily without damaging the bathroom vanity mirror.

See it on Amazon

6. Gednbo Gold LED Bathroom Vanity Light

Gold LED Bathroom light bars on either side of gold-trimmed bathroom mirror, above bathroom sink and vanity.

 The gold bathroom light is made of metal brass finish and cylindrical frosted acrylic lampshade. The modern and simple style provides the perfect light for makeup application with 4,000 Kelvins of warm light. (Note: it is not dimmable.)

See it on Amazon


7. Hauschen Home Anti-Fog Mirror

HAUSCHEN 32x24 inch Black Framed LED Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror above white sink

Many of these anti-fog mirrors also provide LED lighting with adjustable color temperature. For example, the Hauschen Home Anti-Fog Mirror allows you to adjust the temperature from warm light to daylight. Perfect!

See it on Amazon


Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup FAQs 

In this section, we’ll address some frequently asked questions regarding makeup application and lighting.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Light Better for Makeup?

Makeup and Best Bathroom Lighting

The quickest and easiest way to make your bathroom light better for makeup is to switch out fluorescent and incandescent bulbs with adjustable LED lights with a natural white light or daylight setting. In addition, you can add vanity lights around the mirror or invest in a backlit LED mirror.

For those unable to renovate their bathroom, you can keep a portable lighted mirror handy for up-close detailed makeup application.

Are Lighted Mirrors Good for Makeup?

standard size floating bathroom vanity

Mirrors with lights are good for makeup if natural light isn’t available. As long as you use LED lighting in a natural hue, such as natural white or daylight, you should be able to complete very detailed makeup work with no issues.

What you see in the mirror is what you’re most likely to look like out in the sunlight. The reason lighted mirrors work best is because the light sits directly in front of you, evenly lighting the entire face.

Opt for lighted mirrors that utilize LED beads with adjustable temperature and brightness. Or, better yet, get permanent bulb sockets installed and pick up some high-quality LED light bulbs.

Avoid yellow or rose-colored lights, as these can prevent you from seeing your face in a realistic way. They can make the skin appear sallow or irritated, causing you to apply more makeup than needed to “cover up” what’s not even really there. 

Additionally, you could accidentally choose a foundation that doesn’t match your skin’s natural hue.

What Bulbs Are Best for Makeup?

bathroom design

LED bulbs are the best option for makeup application. Many of these bulbs have dimming options and adjustable color temperatures, allowing you to play with a range of brightness and temperature settings. You can optimize the lighting based on your specific needs.

For example, if it’s dark outside, you might need to utilize a brighter setting.

Messing around the adjustable color temperatures can give you a good idea of what the makeup looks like in different light settings. It’s a great way to learn more about makeup application and how lighting affects perception. Learn more about how to choose the best bulbs for your bathroom vanity.


So What’s the Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup?

Makeup application in good lighting

The best bathroom lighting for makeup is even natural light. However, if that’s not available, use fixtures positioned as closely as possible to the face without casting shadows. Light from multiple sources (referred to as “layered lighting”) is preferable. 

And bulbs matter. Use LED bulbs with warm color temperatures.

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