Is a Hammock Bathtub Worth It? | Cost, Models, Pros & Cons

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Imagine coming home at the end of the day to relax in a tub suspended in midair. A hammock bathtub is a floating, luxury tub. Fill it with piping hot water and your favorite bubbles or bath salts for the ultimate in relaxation!

A woman sits in a hammock bathtub in the Hotel Riederalm
A woman sits in a Hamaca bathtub by Splinterworks. Photo Credit: Hotel Riederalm

A hammock bathtub made of carbon fiber starts at $32,525 and provides a true work of art for any bathroom. There is also a solid surface hammock bath alternative that starts at $5,000.

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If a hammock suspended between two trees is your ideal way to spend a lazy afternoon, then a hammock bathtub is definitely for you. Inspired by the humble hammock, the hammock bathtub was designed for luxurious relaxation. 

It is suspended in the air, the water draining between the bottom of the tub and into the bathroom floor.

What Exactly Is a Hammock Bathtub?

2 bathers enjoying a soak in the hammock bath
Two bathers enjoy a soak in the Mirage hammock tub from the Hammock Bath Company.

Although a hammock bathtub is not designed to sway in the wind, it does resemble a traditional hammock in that it is suspended and secured between two walls and not anchored to the floor.

A freestanding design is available for bigger spaces. Instead of a wall-hung tub, this tub is installed on floor pillars in the room, allowing you to choose the design of your dreams. It can often fit two people.

Mimicking the shape of a traditional hammock with a continuously curved surface, this tub style is designed to support the spine while you relax and enjoy your bathing experience! With a hammock-style bathtub, the faucet is freestanding on the floor alongside the tub, with the arm leaning over the tub, ready to deliver the water.

At the end of your soak, simply open the valve situated at the base of the tub, and the water will flow out and disappear into a drain on the floor directly below the tub – easy!

Is a Hammock Bathtub Worth the Price?

Hammock Bathtub made by Splinterworks in apartment with freestanding tub faucet
Hammock bathtub made by Splinterworks. Photo credit: Rafine Architects at Bodrum Villa

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and a little different from the standard luxury tub type, consider a hammock bathtub for an out-of-this-world soaking experience. Some of the most luxurious homes and hotels in the world are choosing to install hammock bathtubs.

The carbon fiber hammock baths from Splinterworks are available in two unique and distinct styles: The Hamaca and The Pagoda. The price depends on the model you choose, as well as the finish which you can customize with liquid metal.

Tubs available from the Hammock Bath Company are made from solid surface. Price will depend on which of three available models you select and the size and whether you select Slimline or the Mark II version of the model, which offers 4-5 inches (100mm – 125mm) of extra depth.

Tub ModelCompanyDescriptionPrice (USD)
HamacaSplinterworksMade from carbon fiber to produce a strong, completely rigid tub suspended between two walls. $32,525
PagodaSplinterworksManufactured from woven and lacquered carbon fiber, this stand-alone tub can be placed anywhere in the room.$32,288
MirageThe Hammock Bath CompanyA freestanding hammock-style tub, with a contemporary design.$5,800-$7,500
OasisThe Hammock Bath CompanyA solid surface tub with a stone resin finish, designed to be suspended between 2 walls.$5,800-$7,500
HavenThe Hammock Bath CompanyA stylish tub designed to hang between two black powder-coated steel frames.$6,800-$8,300

Installation Costs

Consider the cost of installing a bathtub. If you’re installing the Hammock Bathtub in an existing bathroom, you will likely need to remodel it to create a wet room area.

Ensure that you hire a reputable contractor proficient in building wet rooms, or you could have expensive repairs in the future.

Installing a hammock bathtub in an existing wet room area should simply mean removing your existing tub and replacing it with the new one. Although this might be a simple DIY job for an accomplished handyman, hiring a good contractor with plumbing experience would be best.

You might need to reinforce the walls to carry the weight of the tub – remember to factor in the weight of a full tub.

According to Fixr.com, homeowners spend an average of $2,750  to install a 6-foot freestanding tub. But installing a freestanding or bottom-mounted carbon fiber hammock bathtub and the freestanding faucet can cost considerably more.


A hammock bathtub requires the purchase of a separate freestanding bathtub filler instead of a regular tub faucet.

Read about bathtub faucet types here and get my recommendations for the best freestanding waterfall tub fillers. Be aware that the most durable tub fillers have a ceramic cartridge inside rather than plastic. 


Hammock Bathtub Models

Currently, two hammock bathtub models are available in carbon fiber from Splinterworks and three models are available in solid surface from the Hammock Bath Company.

The Hamaca Hammock Bathtub by Splinterworks

Hamaca bath in front of ocean view at sunset
Hamaca bath by Splinterworks. Photo credit: Samar Al Rawas

This bathtub is manufactured from carbon fiber, an extremely strong and durable space-age material used in the aerospace and automotive industries and known to be one of the strongest materials in the world. The tub is designed to stay rigid even when it is filled with water.

The carbon fiber material will help to keep the tub water hotter for longer, reducing the need to top up with warm water.

The continuous curved surface style of the Hamaca Hammock Bathtub allows for a deep soak in the middle of the tub, preventing water wastage by filling up the tub in the area you use the most.

Designed for use in a wet room, a hammock bathtub is around 8.5 to 9.8 feet (2.6 to 2.9 meters) long, but it is customizable to fit any space between 8.5 and 10 feet (2.6 to 3.0 meters).

With a capacity of 44 gallons (200 liters), this tub holds half the volume of a regular luxury tub.

The hammock bathtub is available in a range of luxury finishes to match your décor, with stainless steel brackets to secure the tub and optional gold leaf inserts. The carbon fiber of the Hamaca tub is either black or white with a metal veneer or a gilded finish.

Customize with a Liquid Metal Finish

Gold Hammock Bath Tub by SplinterWorks

Customize your tub from Splinterworks by adding a liquid metal finish in bronze, brass, pewter, or copper in a weathered texture or oxidized finish. The additional finish does not add much weight to the tub.

If a gilded finish is more appealing, try one of the precious metals on offer like pure gold, champagne gold, silver, or platinum.  

With designer options like these, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a unique creation in your bathroom!

This video above shows how magnificent the gold Hammock Bathtub is!

The Pagoda Hammock Bathtub by Splinterworks

A woman walks toward a Pagoda Hammock Bathtub
Pagoda Hammock Bath and Altara Sink by Splinterworks. Photo courtesy of Splinterworks.

The Pagoda Hammock Bathtub offers sheer elegance. It’s designed as a stand-alone tub and doesn’t need walls to hold it up.

Instead, this tub is elevated off the floor and mounted with custom-made pillars. This offers you the flexibility to install the tub anywhere in the space.

What makes this luxury tub even more unique is the woven and lacquered carbon fiber used to manufacture each tub. This material consists of a geometric weave, making the tub incredibly strong but extremely lightweight.

Various liquid metal finishes are available on these tubs to create a weathered, textured, or oxidized finish. Copper, pewter, and bronze metal coatings are applied to the tubs by hand. 

The Pagoda Hammock Bathtub can be personalized with a gilded finish to add your own touch to the tub. Pure gold, champagne gold, platinum, and silver finishes will add that extra stamp of luxury.

The Mirage Bathtub by the Hammock Bath Company

A solid stone surface hammock bathtub called the Mirage by the Hammock Bath Company
The Mirage tub. Photo courtesy of the Hammock Bath Company.

The Mirage is a freestanding tub designed to fit two adults or three children comfortably. The contemporary design and flat bottom bring style and class to your bathroom. 

This solid surface bathtub is available in two standard sizes and four modern colors to match your decor –  Ebony, Dove, Alabaster and Flower (a hand-painted motif).

Unlike the hammock baths from Splinter Works which are made from carbon fiber, tubs from the Hammock Bath Company are made of solid surface resin stone material.

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The Haven Tub by the Hammock Bath Company

The haven bathtub from the Hammock Bath Company
The Haven Tub. Photo courtesy of the Hammock Bath Company.

The Haven bathtub is designed to hang between two black powder-coated steel frames, giving the illusion of a floating tub in your bathroom!

Available in alabaster or ebony and in two different lengths and depths (Slimline or Mark II), this tub is designed to provide a different bathing experience for the whole family.

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The Oasis Bathtub by the Hammock Bath Company 

Oasis tub with flower finish from the Hammock Bathtub Company
The Oasis tub with a Flower finish from the Hammock Bath Company. Photo courtesy of Hammock Bath Company.

The Oasis Bathtub is a hammock-styled luxury bathtub, designed to be suspended between two walls.  

This tub, available in alabaster, has a solid surface with a stone resin finish. Stone resin retains heat, is easy to clean, and is stronger than regular bathtub materials. Stone resin is durable and easy to repair if damaged.

A standing faucet alongside the tub makes the tub easy to fill. Draining the tub is just as easy. Simply pull the plug after you have finished bathing and the wastewater will drain into a downpipe which is conveniently concealed by a pipe sleeve underneath the tub.

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8 Pros and Cons of Hammock Bathtubs

Mother bathes two children in a hammock bath
Bathing children in a hammock tub. Photo courtesy of the Hammock Bath Company.


A hammock bathtub can be a hefty investment so before you buy, review the pros and cons.


Pros of Hammock Bathtubs

These are the reasons why you should buy a Hammock Bathtub for your home:


1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Although there are only two designs, each design can be customized to fit your unique space, making this a one-of-a-kind bathtub. Various designs, colors, and finishes are available to match your décor.


2. Lightweight and Easy To Clean

The standard carbon fiber construction of the Splinterworks hammock bathtubs has two fantastic features:

  •         The tubs are extremely lightweight
  •         The tubs are extremely strong, robust, and long-lasting

Adding a liquid metal or a gilded finish to the tub will make it only a bit heavier.

Cleaning the tub is easy. Simply wipe down the tub with a cloth after each use. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions if the bathtub has a customized finish.

With a little care and attention, your bathtub will look beautiful and last forever!


3. Easily Accessible

This bathtub is easier to climb into and out of than a traditional bathtub. The tub is lower in the center, allowing for easier access, especially for those with mobility challenges.

The bathtub is stable and will not swing from side to side.


4. Eco-Friendly

This bathtub style is designed to use half the amount of water a traditional tub uses. As the tub is deeper in the middle, less water is needed to provide a good soak. The solid surface material of the tubs from the Hammock Bath Company is recyclable.


5. Fantastic Heat Retention

Because of the materials used to manufacture the tub, the water will remain hot and insulated for longer, reducing the need to add extra warm water to the tub while relaxing.


6. Adds Value to Your Home

A hammock bathtub adds value to your home. Prospective buyers will be delighted by owning a gorgeous work of art that doubles as a bathtub! According to realtors in upscale markets, a freestanding tub in the primary bathroom is a must!


Cons of Hammock Bathtubs

There are not many disadvantages to owning a Hammock Bathtub, but consider these before you decide:


1. The Price of a Hammock Bathtub

Buying a hammock bathtub may be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase for most people, so make sure you do your research and know what you are getting for your money before buying.


2. Remodeling Your Home and the Cost Involved

A new Hammock Bathtub will not fit the space of an existing, traditional bathtub. Depending on the size and shape of your room, you may need extensive remodeling to create an area suitable for this tub style.

Use reputable contractors for any installations and remodeling.

Alternatives to Hammock Bathtubs

Other types of luxury bathtubs include tubs made of wood, infinity tubs, marble tubs, Japanese soaking tubs, hammered copper bathtubs and air tubs. If you’re interested in any of these, check out my post on the Best Luxury Bathtubs.

So, Is a Hammock Bathtub Worth It?

A woman laughs while lying on her stomach in the pagoda hammock bath
A woman laughs while lying in the Pagoda Hammock Bath. Photo credit: Splinterworks

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to soak in one of these oh-so-beautiful luxury bathtubs? Stylish, lightweight, easy to clean, and made to last. If you have the budget, seriously consider it.

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