Rustic Bathroom Design: Freestanding Tub Ideas & Inspiration

A woman places a bath caddy across a freestanding pedestal bathtub in front of round window

Rustic bathroom designs have become increasingly popular, combining the beauty of nature with the comfort and functionality of modern amenities. A rustic bathroom design typically features natural materials, earthy colors, and a touch of vintage charm.

Just as a minimalist bathroom design invites you to unwind, a rustic bathroom with a freestanding tub as the focal point can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The key is to ensure your bathroom stays functional and comfortable.

Key Takeaways

  • Rustic design blends nature-inspired elements with modern amenities
  • Freestanding tubs offer style, relaxation, and a focal point to the room
  • Balancing design elements and functionality is crucial for a successful rustic bathroom

Understanding Rustic Design

White oval freestanding tub with oil rubbed bronze filler in log cabin

Rustic design is all about embracing the beauty of natural materials and textures, giving your bathroom a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Add Texture

Consider incorporating shiplap walls to add texture and depth to your rustic bathroom design. They are both stylish and functional, giving the space an authentic, countryside feel. Pair the shiplap with natural materials like stone, wood, or even metal, to highlight the natural beauty of such elements.

Balance Rustic With Newer Elements

To achieve a modern rustic aesthetic, it is essential to balance the rough, natural elements with clean lines and contemporary fittings. You can create an interesting contrast by combining a sleek freestanding tub with weathered wood elements. Strike the perfect balance between old and new, and your rustic bathroom will have a unique, sophisticated look.

Where To Learn More About Design

I took an excellent and short course on styling with Emily Henderson on Skillshare.com. I quickly learned how to style a space with what I have on hand. For the record, Emily defines a rustic style as:

  • Country in a farmhouse way,
  • Cozy,
  • Casual, and
  • Masculine.

Take the course to learn about the various style options and how to combine them for a showstopping look.

Best Colors For Rustic Bathroom Decor

Rustic Bathroom Design: Freestanding Tub Ideas & Inspiration

When designing a rustic bathroom with a freestanding tub, it’s essential to choose the right color scheme. Rustic style is all about creating warmth, comfort, and a timeless atmosphere. To achieve this, go for earthy tones and natural shades.

Choose Neutral Colors

Paint your walls in soft neutral tones like beige, taupe, or light gray, as these colors are versatile and blend in well with the rustic theme. To create more visual interest and depth, you can use different shades of the same color family to add a sense of dimension. For example, combine lighter and darker shades of beige for a more dynamic look.

Try Bold Accents

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors too, especially as accents. Deep greens, rich reds, and warm browns can add pops of color throughout the space. A touch of black, for instance, on faucets or light fixtures, can provide an elegant contrast against the neutral backdrop.

layer Textures In An All-White Rustic Bathroom

If you prefer an all-white bathroom, you can still pull off a rustic look. In this case, incorporate textures like rough wood, exposed brick, or stone to break the monotony of the white scheme. The key is to balance the bright airy feel of white with the earthy character of rustic elements.

Choosing The Tub Color

When selecting a color for your freestanding tub, you have several options. A white or neutral-colored tub can effortlessly blend in with the rustic ambiance. On the other hand, a bold-colored or patterned tub could serve as the focal point of your bathroom. No matter which direction you lean towards, remember that coordination is critical when dealing with color schemes.

Picking Accessory Colors

Lastly, be mindful of your bathroom linens and accessories. Towels, rugs, and decorative items should complement your chosen color scheme. For example, if you have a mostly neutral palette, you can add some contrast with colorful towels and a patterned rug.

Best Tub Materials For a Rustic Bathroom

When it comes to freestanding tubs in a rustic bathroom, selecting the right material is crucial. Many common materials in rustic designs are wood, stone, and copper. These materials bring warmth and natural charm to your space.


Oval freestanding soaking tub in walnut seen from above
Karolina freestanding wood soaking tub in walnut. See it at Aquatica

Wood is a popular choice due to its organic feel and ability to blend with other rustic elements. Cedar, for example, is a beautiful option to consider for wooden tubs. It is durable, water-resistant, and can stand the test of time. Some wooden tubs also offer additional features like seating or headrests for added comfort!

Cement Or Stone

If you’re going for a more airy and spacious feel, cement is another fantastic option. Cement tubs make a strong statement, and their ruggedness adds character to the space.


Black, Japanese bathtub in bathroom against stone wall.
The True Ofuro Black Japanese Stone Tub from Aquatica can provide a stunning focal point in a large or small rustic bathroom

You can choose from various types of stone, such as natural river rocks or rough-cut granite. With stone, you allow the individual texture and color nuances to shine, giving your bathroom an authentic rustic touch.


Freestanding clawfoot hammered copper bathtub
The Lawson Freestanding Soaking Copper Bathtub creates a great focal point in a rustic bathroom. See it on Wayfair.

Copper is a luxurious and charming material perfect for a rustic bathroom. Its patina develops over time, enhancing the tub’s appearance, and its natural antimicrobial properties make it a hygienic option. Copper tubs are available in various shapes and sizes, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect fit for your space.

Best Tub Types For A Rustic Decor

When designing a rustic bathroom with a freestanding tub, picking the right tub type is crucial! Here are some of the best tub options for your rustic decor:

Clawfoot Tub

rolltop clawfoot tub in bathroom with farmhouse door

A classic choice in rustic bathroom design, the clawfoot tub adds an elegant touch to your space. Made from durable materials like cast iron, these tubs are perfect for a long soak after a hard day’s work. You’ll love the charming, timeless look it adds to your bathroom.

Slippered Tub

Antique clawfoot tub with imperial eagle clawed feet

If you want both comfort and style, a slipper tub is an excellent option. With a high back and sloping sides, it’s designed for maximum relaxation. A slipper tub’s unique shape adds visual appeal and pairs well with rustic decor elements such as exposed wood and wrought-iron fittings.

Pedestal Tub

pedestal tub on rustic floor

A pedestal tub can be a great addition to a rustic bathroom design. The classic style of a pedestal tub can add a touch of elegance to a rustic bathroom, while still maintaining the overall natural and earthy feel of the space. The simplicity of the pedestal design can also complement the rustic aesthetic, without overwhelming the space.

Japanese Soaking Tub

Rustic Japanese soaking tub against stone wall

The simple and clean lines of a Japanese soaking tub can complement the natural and earthy feel of a rustic design. Additionally, the use of natural materials such as wood or stone can further enhance the rustic feel of the space

Styling your Freestanding Tub in A Rustic Space

To style your freestanding tub, start by surrounding it with raw and natural elements. Keep your base elements like wood, stone, and natural colors in mind. After all, you want harmony between all elements within your space.

Expose Beams & Let Paint Peel

Make sure to add some rugged textures like exposed brick, rough-hewn wood, or peeling paint to complement the tub. Beam ceilings and natural stone walls are great choices for adding depth and warmth.

Also, consider adding a floor-to-ceiling wood or barn-style door to provide privacy as well as a striking design element.

Incorporate Antiques

Don’t forget to incorporate some vintage or antique items to add character and personality to your bathroom. An old ladder can serve as a unique towel rack or a weathered wooden stool can be a charming spot for bath essentials. Finally, use quaint, old-fashioned light fixtures to create a warm, inviting glow in the space.

Choose A Rustic Mirror

A wood-framed mirror above the tub is perfect for bringing a touch of rustic charm. You can also opt for a reclaimed wood mirror, which gives a sense of history and unique character to the space.

How About A Wood Vanity With A Stone Sink?

Now, let’s talk about your vanity! For a rustic design, freestanding vanities made of solid wood or featuring natural wood finishes are perfect. Make sure the vanity is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and durable. You may want dark wood floating vanity or stone vessel sink to complement your freestanding tub.

Now For Faucets, Lights & Hardware

To maintain the rustic charm, choose wall-mounted faucets or those with a weathered, antique finish. Don’t be afraid to mix materials for a unique and personalized look, as long as it maintains the overall rustic theme.

  • Hardware: Bronze or black wrought iron for drawer pulls, towel bars, and other bathroom accessories
  • Faucets: Vintage or industrial-inspired faucets, preferably wall-mounted
  • Vanity lights: Iron or bronze sconces, lanterns, or other fixtures that enhance the rustic vibe

Your Rustic Bathroom With A Tub

Creating a well-coordinated rustic bathroom design with a freestanding tub is all about finding the right balance between form and function without sacrificing your personal style and preferences. Position your tub in a space where it can shine, such as under a window. Or even tile a wall behind your freestanding tub to make it the star of your space. Have fun exploring different combinations that celebrate the beauty of natural materials and the rustic charm in your bathroom space!

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