10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

Buying gifts for my friends who have hot tubs is always easy. Hot tub owners are always thrilled with a new accessory to make life in the spa even more awesome and fun.

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I’ve compiled a list of 10 all-time coolest gifts for hot tub owners. It includes accessories that make their hot tubs easier to access and safer to use, as well as super-whimsical fun picks, like my personal favorite: the LED color-changing, Bluetooth speaker floating duckie.

Items on this list range in price from $10 to $150. Check the links for current pricing on Amazon.

Best Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (or Stock Tank Pool Owners)

1. Hot Tub Side Table with Beer and Wine Cooler by Keter Pacific

Hot Tub Side Table with Beer and Wine Cooler by Keter Pacific

This accessory helps turn any hot tub soak into a party! The base holds 7.5 gallons of drinks or up to 40 12 oz cans. The pop-up top raises up 10 inches from the base and is perfect for serving spa-side cocktails in style. An easy-to-remove drain plug makes cleanup a breeze. The Hot Tub Side Table with Beer and Wine Cooler is made of weather-resistant rattan and available in black or espresso.

10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

7. Spa Steps with Storage Compartment by Leisure Accents

Spa Steps with Storage Compartment by Leisure Accents10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

Most hot tubbers know that it can be tough to enter and exit the spa. These 3-foot wide steps made of maintenance-free, weather-resistant resin make it much easier and safer to get in and out. But what’s especially cool is that hidden inside the two steps is a storage compartment for stowing other spa accessories! Comes in black/grey or brown. See the Spa Steps with Storage on Amazon.

3. 10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023) Floating Beer Pong Set by GoPong

Floating Beer Pong Set by GoPong10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

Most people head to the hot tub when they need to let go of daily stress. Why not help them along? This game of floating beer pong may be just what the doctor ordered! It comes with two inflatable rafts, each of which holds 6 standard-sized cups. (Cups not included.) You’ll also get three beer bong balls.  Help your friends take their minds off their troubles with a totally fun game of Floating Beer Pong.

4. Pathway Garden Lights by Go2garden

4. Pathway Garden Lights by Go2garden10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

Help your favorite hot tubber transform the space around an outdoor spa into a truly magical landscape. These solar-powered lights are cut in beautiful patterns. The lumens charge in direct sunlight and stay bright for 8 hours. Pathway Garden Lights come with 6 to a pack, are resistant to rain and snow, and provide the gift of tranquility like no other.

5. Bluetooth Floating Duck Speaker by Goldwood

Bluetooth Floating Duck Speaker by Goldwood10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

Stream music from a phone straight to the floating duckie! Not only will your gift recipient have excellent sound quality, but also they’ll enjoy a light show. Equipped by LED lights, the duck—which is about the size of a basketball—constantly changes colors. The Bluetooth Floating Duck Speaker comes with a remote and USB charging cable, which will charge the speaker for 5 hours of music. (Requires 1 lithium-ion battery, not included.)

6. Hot Tub Cover Lift by Puri

Hot Tub Cover Lift by Puri

Lots of people get tired of taking their hot tub cover on and off—literally—because it’s a lot of work. Then what happens is they just leave the cover off, and the whirlpool collects leaves or loses heat, both of which are problems. While this once seemed an unsolvable problem, the Puri Tech Hot Tub Cover Lift offers a sleek solution. This device makes it easy to move the cover on or off, and it also keeps the cover in great shape. It fits most hot tubs up to 96 inches. And a cool touch is that when the cover lift is in use, the backside of it turns into a towel rack.

7. Inflatable Drink Holders by Feidio

7. Inflatable Drink Holders by Feidio10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

It’s so important to hydrate in the hot tub. Now all bathers can have their own inflatable, floating drink holders. Choose from the 9-pack, which includes a flamingo, a pineapple, a palm tree, and a slice of watermelon among others beachy designs. You can blow up each Inflatable Drink Coaster in 10 seconds and it will expand to about an 8-inch diameter and hold a 12-15 oz. can. These also balance well atop hot tub bubbles, so no need to worry about spills. Party time!

8. Spa Bath Pillow by Gorilla Grip

8. Spa Bath Pillow by Gorilla Grip10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

Lean back and relax against this luxurious spa pillow. With seven suction cups that adhere to any smooth surface spa, this pillow doesn’t slip like so many others. The two-inches of foam padding makes for an incredibly comfortable soak. The airtight, waterproof fabric on the Spa Bath Pillow makes it easy to keep clean and prevents mold and mildew. Your gift recipient will be grateful that you enhanced the magical relaxation powers of their favorite tub!

9. Bamboo Bath Sheet by Cariloha

9. Bamboo Bath Sheet by Cariloha10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)10 Coolest Gifts for Hot Tub Owners (2023)

This extra-large towel (101cm x 178 cm/ 40” x 70”) is perfect for spa-side! Made of a combination of bamboo viscose and combed Turkish cotton, it may be the softest towel you’ve ever felt. It’s plush, moisture-wicking and mildew-resistant. The great thing about bamboo towels are that they’re eco-friendly, too. The Bamboo Bath Sheet is perfect for staying cozy after a hot soak! Many color options available.

10.  Inflatable Cooler Serving Bar by Hemoton

Enjoy a meal in the hot tub. Inflate the 3 serving trays, add ice to keep your food and drinks cool, and then settle in. The trays are made from durable BPA-free PVC material. Each Inflatable Cooler Serving Bar tray has a drain to easily clear out water from melted ice. Folds flat for compact storage until the next celebration. Comes with 1 large rectangular serving bar and 2 smaller square ice trays.

Are You a Future Hot Tub Owner?

If all this gift buying for your hot tubbing friends has you yearning for a hot tub for yourself, see How to Buy a Hot Tub: Ultimate Guide for details. This post describes how you can potentially save thousands of dollars while purchasing a hot tub of your own. It also describes some more affordable hot tub alternatives.

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