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How to Find a Bidet That Fits Your Toilet

Will a Bidet Fit Your Toilet

A bidet is a wonderful way to clean off and freshen up after using the bathroom. Some bathrooms have a separate bidet installed beside the toilet. But by simply fitting a bidet attachment to your toilet, you can experience the joys without the expense.

Bidet attachments are available to fit most toilet sizes and shapes. Some attachments are universal, while others are made for use on specific toilet designs. While most bidet attachments will fit a two-piece toilet comfortably, finding the correct fit for a one-piece toilet is more challenging.  

Read on to find out if you can fit a bidet attachment to your toilet at home.


Bidet vs. Bidet Attachment vs Bidet Toilet Seat

Let’s take a look at the difference between a bidet and a bidet attachment:


What Is a Bidet?

What is a bidet?

A stand-alone bidet is a bathroom fixture installed in a bathroom alongside a toilet, used as a hands-free means of washing one’s tushy after completing the necessary ablutions. A bidet effectively eliminates the need for toilet paper.

Although a bidet might look like a toilet, it provides an altogether different function (although complementary!). 

Here is the basic order of operations:

  1.   Use the toilet to do your business.
  2.   Scootch over to the next bathroom fixture and use the bidet to clean up.

The most important function of the bidet is to wash and dry the outside of your tushy. This is achieved by a stream of clean water shooting up to your nether regions.

If you have the correct attachments, you can warm up the water which is so much nicer than cold water.

After you have cleaned your areas, dry off using the built-in drier that comes with many units.  

For many people worldwide, a bidet is the easiest and most hygienic way to clean up after using the toilet. A bidet is gentler on your skin than toilet paper and is definitely more comfortable to use if you have fissures or hemorrhoids.


What Is a Bidet Attachment?

control panel for TUSHY Spa bidet attachment


A bidet attachment is a small control panel with a built-in sprayer nozel that fits onto the back and side of the existing toilet bowl. The water hoses are connected to the plumbing. 

A bidet attachment can be much cheaper than buying a whole new bathroom fixture and you can often install it yourself. If you have a small bathroom, then this is a great option to save on space. 

But many people prefer using a bidet attachment simply because they don’t have to move from one place to the other to complete the cleaning process.


What Is a Bidet Toilet Seat?

Bidet toilet seats

If a bidet attachment is not an option, try the bidet toilet seat. Simply replace your existing toilet seat with a bidet seat.

A bidet toilet seat offers the same functions like any other bidet but replaces the existing toilet seat rather than being an additional accessory.

The attachment and the toilet seat are great options for those who would prefer to do all their business on the same toilet! 


Will a Bidet Attachment Fit My Toilet?

A bidet attachment is designed to fit one-piece and two-piece toilet models with ease – the trick is to find the correct model for your toilet style.


Bidet Attachment for Two-Piece Toilet

Height of Bathroom Sconces

A two-piece toilet is generally more bidet-friendly simply because it has a separate tank and bowl. The tank is attached to the bowl at the back of the basin, leaving plenty of space for the bidet attachment and space for the installer to work in.


Bidet Attachment for One-Piece Toilet 

water-saving toilet

A one-piece toilet is flatter in the back. This means less space between the wall and the back of the toilet and less space for installing the bidet connectors.

Ultra-modern bathroom toilets are generally one-piece designs and are not built using standard dimensions as regular toilets. A French curve design is a particularly difficult shape to fit a bidet, but a handheld bidet can safely be used on this toilet type.



Bidet Attachment for Tankless Toilets

Water Saving Toilet

Tankless toilets and toilets with hidden cisterns do pose a challenge when it comes to the bidet attachments, but, as with all toilets, there will be an attachment to fit! 

If you’re thinking of purchasing a tankless toilet, read my post WIll Your Go Tankless? Toilet Pros and Cons to learn if a tankless toilet is the right choice for you.

Now, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these toilet types for bidet attachments:


One-Piece- Handheld sprayers can be used on this toilet type
- Bidet attachments can be used on this toilet type
- Conversion kits are readily available for bidet attachments
- The fill valve extends out from the toilet instead of from the bottom of the tank
- The back of the toilet is flat, leaving less space for installations
- The area around the back could be too wide, limiting your choice of bidets
- Standard mounting hardware could be incompatible
- The bolt holes could be too far apart, non-standard
- Some toilet-seat type bidets might not fit
Two-Piece- Most bidet attachment types can be used on this toilet type
- These toilets have traditional dimensions for universal fit
- Visible trapways and skirted toilets allow for easier installations
- Certain bidet models might only fit on round or elongated bowls
- The fill valve on a 2-piece toilet extends from the bottom of the tank and could be in hard-to-reach spaces
French curve- Handheld sprayers are the best to use on these toilet types- A sloping tank down towards the seat with a rounded area at the back of the toilet can make it difficult to install a bidet attachment.
- Incompatible with toilet seat bidets
Tankless and hidden tanks- Handheld sprayers are the best to use on these toilet types- Bidet attachments are not usually installed on these types of toilets
- Water is not easily accessible, requiring plumbing or remodeling to fit the connectors to the bidet attachment


Can You Put a Bidet Attachment on Any Toilet

Water Saving Toilet

Traditionally there are two general types of toilet bowl shapes – one is round, and the other is elongated.  (Learn the differences between thee toilet seat shapes by reading my post, Round or Elongated Toilet Seat for a Happy Bottom?)

Unless you own an ultra-modern square, boxy toilet, your toilet should fall into one of these two categories.

These shapes are generally standardized sizes with traditional dimensions and the same bolt hole widths, making it easy for bidet manufacturers to design bidets to fit most toilet types.

Measure the toilet to confirm which size and shape you have to determine the correct bidet attachment for your toilet:


Toilet ShapeLength (Back to front)Midpoint between boltholesDistance between midpoint and tank
Round19.5” (45.5cm)5.5 – 7.5” (14 - 19cm)3” (7.6cm)
Elongated20.5”(52cm)5.5 – 7.5” (14 - 19cm)2” (5cm)


How to Measure Your Toilet

Will a Bidet Seat Fit on My Toilet?  What You Need To Know.

Watch the video above to find out how to correctly measure your toilet:


What To Look for in a Bidet 

smart toilet with bidet washlet

Not all bidets and bidet attachments are the same. While some bidets only have a water spray function, others are more tech-savvy and offer all kinds of bells and whistles.

In this table, we compare the different styles of bidets and their features:


Freestanding- Hot and cold water
- Heated seat
- Warm air dryer
- Stainless steel nozzle
- Self-raising seat and lid
- Night light
- Expanded comfort seats
- Auto flush
- UV Sterilization
Attachment- Single or dual nozzles
- Front and rear sprayers
- Non-electric
- Adjustable water pressure
- Night light
- Self-cleaning
- Available in various colors
- Self-cleaning nozzle
Optional warm water
Toilet seat- Slow closing seat and lid
- Warm water attachment
- Adjustable front and rear wash nozzles
- Adjustable spray pressure
- Night light
ated seats
- Warm air dryer
- Deodorizer to neutralize odors
- LED lights
- Economy mode for power saving when not in use
- Wireless remote control
- Adjustable water temperature


Can You Use a Bidet on a Raised Toilet Seat?

Some older adults fit a raised toilet seat to their standard toilet, which allows them to sit down and stand up easier. However, most bidet attachments are made for standard toilets, they are not recommended for use with raised toilet seats.

A company called Bio Bidet has designed a bidet that can be used on raised toilet seats, offering more independence to the user – a wonderful invention!


Best Freestanding Bidet – Kohler K4886-0 Memoirs

 Best Freestanding BidetHow to Find a Bidet That Fits Your Toilet

If elegance and old-school style is the look for your bathroom, then you have to install a stand-alone bidet!

The Kohler Memoirs bidet toilet is made from Vitreous China, with crisp, graceful lines resembling crown molding.

This bidet does not have the bells and whistles of a smart toilet, but it does have grace and elegance and is designed to complement your traditionally styled bathroom. Paired with a classic old-school-styled toilet, your bathroom will look oh so stylish!

This bidet features a spray of water for gentle cleansing after you use the toilet., but you will need a towel to dry off as it does have a built-in air dryer.

Only the mounting hardware is included with this bidet, so you will have to buy faucets, lever handle, and plumbing tubes separately. 

See it on Amazon


Best Bidet Attachment – TUSHY Spa  

Best affordable bidet attachment - TUSHY - Review & Install

The TUSHY Spa has a warm water attachment that will hook up to the warm water under your bathroom sink. As a result, you can control the temperature of the spray.

See it on Amazon


Best Bidet Toilet Seat – inus N22

Best Bidet Toilet SeatHow to Find a Bidet That Fits Your Toilet 

The Inus IST-N22 Smart bidet toilet seat is in a class of its own,

The N22 model is a safe to use and eco-friendly toilet seat bidet, designed to help the environment by reducing toilet paper usage and water wastage while using power efficiently.

This model is kid-friendly providing extra control over water pressure, water temperature, and seat surface temperature – all controlled by the waterproof smart touch side control panel,

The seat and lid are slow closing and have a self-cleaning feature which reduces your cleaning time. The tankless water system only uses water when it is needed, reducing the water wastage in your home, making this a very economical toilet seat model.

The built-in intelligent air dryer provides 5 different temperature levels to help you dry off after using the water spray function. The stainless steel, self-cleaning, water spray nozzle is adjustable, offering maximum coverage for each individual user.

This elegant, modern, ergonomic toilet seat bidet is designed for elongated toilets and is easy to install and remove at the touch of a button.

 See it on Amazon



So, Will a Bidet Fit Your Toilet?

Do you want a bidet attachment?

A bidet is a luxury that you can afford and cannot live without! There is a bidet attachment for most toilet styles

A bidet uses a water spray to clean your tushy and has some fantastic health benefits. Read all about the wonders of a bidet in my post Is a Bidet Worth it? Yes and Here’s Why!


Note: If you’re about to start on a bathroom remodel, be sure to download my Save Big $$$ Cheat Sheet. Fill out the form below and I’ll send you designer hacks that can literally save you thousands of dollars on your project.

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