Bill Hamilton, owner of Baths of Distinction, stands beside a bathtub

Bill Hamilton has been designing and selling bathtubs for the past 30 years. He advises Bathtubber on questions related to freestanding, jetted, clawfoot and pedestal tubs.

After a wide-ranging entrepreneurial career beginning with a mechanical engineering company in the mid 80’s to later importing luxury espresso/cappuccino machines and coffee from Italy, Bill started focusing on a move into online retail in the USA.

Bathroom items were selling well on traditional retail websites, and through his extensive European contacts, Bill established what was eventually to become the company Baths of Distinction. From an initial broad bathroom equipment range, the focus soon narrowed to bathtubs. Rather than buy what was on offer from manufacturers worldwide, Bill decided to offer more unique items.

Most of the goods from Baths of Distinction are bespoke, designed by Bill, and always built or finished in the USA.