Expert Bathroom Design & Remodel Assistance

Maya Mogdahan

MAYA MOGHADAM, owner of Maya’s Design Studio, has designed homes around the world for the past two decades. She has a Master’s Degree in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, the number one interior design school in the US for the past decade.

Maya and her team expertly help clients feel more comfortable in their own homes and have worked on countless bathroom remodels. “We check the design work of contractors every step of the way in order to truly help each client transform a once-ordinary bathroom into a haven in their home,” says Maya. 

With an MBA in marketing, Maya has formed a truly unique business model: Through Maya’s Design Studio, customers can access over 150 vendors to order faucets, tiles, mirrors, tubs, and lighting, etc. at great prices. Maya’s Design Studio also provides vendor management and doesn’t charge design fees for products ordered through these vendors. This creates a win-win situation for all. 

So who are Maya’s favorite clients? “Smart people,” she says, “because they ask around, Google, and understand the unique value that I offer.” Maya is able to provide her full-scale bathroom remodel services from start to finish online, simply by doing a virtual walk-through.

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Photo of Kara Hobbs, Kara Hobbs Design

KARA HOBBS, owner of Kara Hobbs Design, is dedicated to helping make design accessible. Serving others and bringing them joy in this way is her passion and her purpose. 

Kara leads projects seamlessly and enjoys building meaningful relationships in the process. She specializes in modern and transitional design with an eclectic feel, and she’s not afraid of color—in fact, Kara knows exactly how to use it to make your space pop!

Do you want to virtually walk through your bathroom space and receive a high-level design plan for a flat fee? Or do you want help with shopping? Or a full e-design? Kara offers all of these services and is excited to work with you to turn your bathroom into a unique haven in your home. 

Note: Special rates are available for teachers. Just ask.

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