Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Amazing Ambiance

Statement Fixture

by Kathleen Stacey Finley


There are so many bathroom lighting ideas to think about. If you’re like me, you can spend dozens of hours picking the perfect fixture for your bathroom. As an architectural designer, I know just how important it is to choose the right fixtures to give your space the ambiance you want.

As I’ve written about on The Bathtubber, the secret to the best bathroom lighting is layering. Choose a recessed light to give a uniform feeling to your bathroom. Next, find a vanity light that will illuminate specific tasks you do in the bathroom, like brushing your teeth and washing your face. Finally—and this is the best part—pick a statement light for the “Wow!” factor.


So Many Bathroom Lighting Ideas and These Are My Favorites


You could spend days and days picking out lights for each of these layers. And if you think that’s fun, then go for it! After designing dozens of bathrooms, I can help you cut through the decision-making by pointing out some of my absolute favorites. Through lots of experimenting and learning, I now know what types of lighting create the most desirable atmosphere and work well in combination. With that said, here are my picks for the best bathroom lighting ideas:


Best Recessed Light for Your Bathroom

Best Recessed Light - Kichler Lighting Horizon
My pick for recessed lighting: Kichler Lighting – Horizon – 6.5″ 12.5W 1 LED Downlight

When considering all the different bathroom lighting ideas, you want to make sure you select some recessed lighting. You can use regular recessed can lights, no judgment. Recessed can lights are the go-to for a less expensive option.


Kichler Lighting LED Downlight


But if you have the budget, definitely consider the Kichler Lighting LED Downlight. LED recessed lighting is your most energy-efficient choice. These LEDs are dimmable for easy ambiance creation.

And if you hate changing light bulbs—and who doesn’t—this is definitely the choice for you. That’s because LED lighting for this fixture is rated to last 40,000 hours.

I also love the clean look of this fixture. That’s why it’s my pick for the best-recessed light for the bathroom.


Best Vanity Light


When considering bathroom lighting ideas, you’ll also want to choose vanity lighting. This is great for illuminating different tasks you’d do in the bathroom, like brushing your teeth or putting on makeup.

Check out the beautiful lights I selected for the vanity in my master remodel. Installed on both sides of my vanity mirror, they cast a soft warm light that is both task-supportive and flattering.


Best Vanity Lighting



Crosby One Light Wall Sconce


To find this look try the Crosby One Light Wall Sconce from Kichler:


Best Vanity Lighting - Crosby Wall Sconce


Best Statement Fixture: A Bathroom Chandelier


Of course, the most fun part of thinking about bathroom lighting ideas is considering statement fixtures.

It was really hard for me to pick my favorite statement fixture! I love statement fixtures. Since it’s impossible for me to choose just one statement fixture, I’m going to share a few that I’m crazy about. I’ve picked bathroom chandeliers at a variety of price points, because everyone deserves to bathe beneath a chandelier’s shimmery glory.

If you’re interested in trying a bathroom chandelier, Christorama makes some awesome chandeliers in all different sizes that evoke bubbles — which I deem perfect for over-bathtub application. 

This new take on a traditional style vaults a chandelier’s sparkly awesome magic firmly into 2019 and into your bathroom. 


Calypso Six-Light Chandelier


If you have a smaller space or a smaller budget or both, try the Calypso – Six Light Chandelier (20” diameter)


Calypso Six Light Chandelier



Orb II from ET2


The Orb II from ET2 adds chandelier-like magic, but with a cleaner look and feel:

Statement Fixture


Bathroom Lighting Ideas in Action


We hope you love these gorgeous fixtures as much as we do! Please send us a picture if you get them installed. And if you’d like to learn about the color temperature of your bulbs, which determine how warm or cool the lighting appears, be sure to read The Best Color Temperature for YOUR Bathroom.


Architectural Designer Kathleen Stacey Finley


Written by Kathleen Stacey Finley

Kathleen Stacey Finley is an architectural designer in Austin, Texas. She loves the challenge of designing multifunctional spaces, especially kitchens and bathrooms.