The Best Bathrobe We’ve Ever Owned

The Best Bathrobe - The Kashwere Seasonless Lightweight Bathrobe


Finding the perfect bathrobe can be a lifelong quest. At first, you figure you can get away with spending $50 or less. But then you find your investment shreds in the dryer, or it makes you look like a muffin. You pine for the bathrobes in the $500 range, those made of silk or cashmere, but really you can’t justify that expense.

This post contains a lot of information, but it boils down to this: I’ve finally found the perfect bathrobe! It’s gorgeous, softer than anything, the perfect weight, and has a slimming effect. It washes beautifully and it comes in a variety of colors. The material is called Kashwére. My all-time favorite bathrobe is called the Kashwére Seasonless Lightweight Robe (click here to see it on Amazon). It’s $145. At the time I fell madly in love with this bathrobe, I didn’t even know that Oprah had already named Kashwére robes some of her favorite things.

I let my friends try on this bathrobe, and one by one, they’ve fallen for it. The first to fall hard was Kathleen, a regular contributor to The Bathtubber.


The Best Bathrobe - The Kashwere Seasonless Lightweight Bathrobe


Here’s why we can’t get enough of our Kashwére robes:


The World’s Best Bathrobe is Oh, So Soft! 


I’m super picky about textures. I don’t want anything itchy or scratchy or that feels like I’m wearing a carpet. When I get out of the tub, I want to feel like I’m being hugged by my towels and my bathrobe. Since I didn’t want to pay $500 for a cashmere bathrobe, based on the reviews, I thought this would be the next best thing.

In the reviews, people gush about how soft it feels. As it turns out, the hype is true. The first time I put this bathrobe on, I felt like I was in a cloud. Seriously, in a cloud. And that’s why, even though I never nap, I fell asleep in my new bathrobe at 4pm on the couch. It was like being in a dream.


Lightweight but Definitely Warm


I’ve bought several terry cloth bathrobes in my day. Once I even invested in his and hers bathrobes for my husband and me. I’ve tried terry cloth because it makes me think of a spa, especially if the robe is white. 

But man, if I’m being honest, I’m never happy. Sometimes the robes are so heavy that I feel like I’m dragging around a raccoon fur coat. And yes, I’ve tried to compensate by buying lighter weight terry cloth, but these don’t keep me warm. Plus the lighter ones are cheaper and the cheaper ones tend to shred. 

When I get out of the tub, dry off, and put on my bathrobe, the terry cloth absorbs the extra water. True. But then I feel like I’m wearing a wet towel. What usually follows is the chills, and then before I know it, I’ve changed into my pajamas as fast as possible. So what’s the point of having a bathrobe?

I’ve also tried polar fleece bathrobes. While the fabric is so soft and yummy, I can’t say it’s the least bit flattering. I look like I’m wearing somebody’s comforter. It’s not like I’ll be seen wearing one of those robes anywhere soon. Unfortunately, the best vanity lights in the universe won’t take off the pounds that some incredibly comfy bathrobes add. 

Just when I thought I couldn’t win, I discovered the Kashwére Seasonless Lightweight Robe. It’s made from a lightweight yarn that is absorbent and still keeps me cozy. While I’m definitely a person who runs cold, I like to be warm but not overheated. 

This material is so soft, I feel like I’m in a cloud. But I don’t look like I’m wearing a cloud.  




This robe comes in white and pale pink color that is feminine, but not cloying, and goes well with your post bath blush. 




I’m 5’4” and ordered the small/medium. Kathy is 5’2 and that size fits her, too. And I’ve got a friend who is 5’6 and 150 pounds and that size fits her, too. It also comes in large and extra large.


The World’s Best Bathrobe Washes Well


I could write books about the number of bathrobes I’ve had that pilled, shrunk or shredded in the dryer. I don’t even want to think about all that lint! The awesome thing about this robe is that it seems to emerge from the dryer in perfect condition each and every time. 


No Pockets


However, this is not a perfect robe for some people. Some people have just got to have pockets and this robe doesn’t have them.

Personally, I’m not one of those people. In fact, I don’t want pockets bulking up my robe and weighing me down, while I float around the house in my post-bath bliss.  


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