Outdoor Shower Costs: Plus The Hidden Expenses

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Outdoor showers can be as simple or luxurious as you like. Bespoke designs, gorgeous finishes, and different materials all work together to provide the best shower for your outdoor area, but beware that there are some expense you may not have considered. 

Read on for the all-in costs of purchasing and installing your outdoor shower. Also, find out how to maximize your budget by building an outdoor shower for less.

Materials: What You’ll Pay

The cost of an outdoor shower varies depending on the materials, styles, and designs you choose for your area.

An outdoor shower could simply be a hose attached to a shower head on the top of a pole supplying cold water or an elaborate, stunning creation with hot and cold water that doubles as an outdoor sculpture.

No matter what level of decor you aspire to, you’ll need to cover these basic costs involved with an outdoor shower:

  • The enclosure or floor
  • Showerhead and fittings
  • Plumbing materials – including hot water installations and drainage
  • Labor costs
  • Permits

An outdoor shower could cost around $100.00 – $8,000.00 for materials, excluding labor and additional costs like permits, etc. Add extra for gardening and landscaping if you plan an elaborate outdoor design.

Having said that, let’s look at a breakdown of the costs for the different materials and items used in an outdoor shower and the costs of labor and installation prices.

These are the costs for basic outdoor shower parts:

FloorNatural stone
Composite Decking
$5.00 – $110.00 per sq ft
$2.00 – $30.00 per sq ft
From $50.99 per post
From $1.30 per sq ft
From $35.90 per tile 12”x 12”
Glass block walls
Ceramic tiles
Composite decking
$5.00-$35.00 per sq ft
$2.00 – $30.00 per sq ft
From $50.00 per post
$20.00 – $55.00 per sq ft
From $1.30 per sq ft
From $35.90 per tile 12”x 12”
Shower panABS Plastic
Solid Surface
From $136.46
From $439.00
Showerhead and fittingsStainless Steel
Chrome Showerhead kit
Brass shower head
From $30.00
Plumbing and drainsDIY
From $50.00
Quote will be supplied
Hot waterGas heater and accessories
Solar panels and components
$229.99 – $4,000.00
$100.00 (DIY) – $8.000.00
From $50.00
$500.00 – $8,000.00
DIY KitsVarious designs$100.00 – $8,000.00
PermitsStructural changes
Additional fixtures
Plumbing, electrical and mechanical
Adding a new fence
Installing a new deck
75.00 – $500.00
$75.00 – $500.00
$400.00 – $750.00
$50.00 – $100.00
$150.00 – $350.00

Outdoor Shower Installation Costs

Installing an outdoor shower can be easy if you are a DIYer. Most DIYers love the convenience of adapting their outdoor shower to suit their budget and their needs. 

A hose attached to a shower head mounted at the top of a vertical pole could suffice as an outdoor shower area until your budget allows for a more elaborate installation.

But if you’re not very handy, find a reputable contractor in your area. Most contractors will charge between $500.00 and $8,000.00 to install an outdoor shower. These costs will be determined by the difficulty of the job and the length of time it takes to install the shower, plumbing, the water delivery system, and drainage system requirements. 

Download this handy calculator for a quote on installing your outdoor shower.

Outdoor Shower Types

There are two outdoor shower types available to choose from: free-standing and wall-mount. Each has a range of prices:

 Freestanding Outdoor Shower

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Freestanding showers can be portable or stationary units installed wherever you choose in your backyard. Your shower could be a sanctuary surrounded by lavish landscaping, or a simple shower head mounted on top of a vertical pole.

The enclosure, plumbing, and drainage could be costly for a luxurious, peaceful freestanding shower area, so find a reputable contractor in your area to install it safely.

A stylish outdoor shower can add value to your home! Outdoor features attract buyers looking for something different from the norm, so a serene outdoor shower could be a big attraction for prospective buyers.

For example, the Marbella outdoor shower is inspired by the luxurious city of Marbella in Spain. It adds a high-end flair to any yard with it’s elegant, contemporary design.

How Much Does a Freestanding Outdoor Shower Kit Cost?

Freestanding outdoor shower kits range in price from around $19.99 for a standalone stainless steel rainfall shower head that you connect to a hose.

More permanent outdoor showers will cost more depending on the location and the materials needed for the shower. Speak to your contractor for ideas on what to install in your area.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to hiring a contractor to supply and install your outdoor shower, you do have options. Outdoor shower kits are available in many different styles to suit your requirements. Some supply all the accessories necessary for your outdoor shower.

These are a few of the styles available:

Shower TypeDescriptionPrice
Portable Outdoor ShowerRidgewinder Portable shower
Complete shower in a bag


Rechargeable Battery
10L Dry bag for water storage
$39.99 (Amazon)
Heated Portable Outdoor ShowerPropane water heater and shower pump kit

Water heater
Hand faucet
Shower head attachment
AC/DC adapter
Automatic safety shut off
Adapters, hoses, attachments, and accessories
$279.99 (Amazon)
Outdoor Shower KitIncludes:

Solid teak stand
Finely sanded teak base
Stainless steel tube and shower head
Rotary knob

Not included:
$306 (Amazon)
Solar Outdoor ShowerStanding shower


Top showerhead

Rain Effect

Easy Access Panel for Fast Fixing

Optional Ambient LED lighting
Golden White Aquatica Marbella Freestanding Outdoor Shower next to tropical greenery

See the Marbella Outdoor Shower. Use Coupon Code Shana10 for 10% off any outdoor shower at Aquaticausa.

Wall Mount Outdoor Shower

outdoor shower enclosure

Wall-mount outdoor showers are generally permanent, stationary showers. These shower types are usually installed against the wall of a house and use the existing plumbing. Additional faucets are installed on the outside wall connected to the existing plumbing system to provide hot and cold water to the outdoor shower.

You’ll probably want to erect an enclosure around the shower head and faucets to provide privacy. With this type of outdoor shower, you’ll need a drain to channel the grey water away from the foundations of your home.

Or you can allow the water to drain into the ground underneath the shower, but make sure that your ground is porous and will not cause damage to your foundation.

How Much Does a Wall-Mount Outdoor Shower Kit Cost

The price of a wall-mount outdoor shower depends on the installation more than the shower head itself. A simple DIY installation could cost from $30.00 – $8,000.00, depending on the showerhead and accessories you buy. An installation by a contractor could cost more.

The costs of a showerhead, accessories, and enclosure are determined by your budget. Shower kits range in prices as do the costs of the enclosure and floor.

Try these wall-mount outdoor shower kits:

Shower typeDescriptionPrice
Aolemi Outdoor Shower KitWall-mount, matt-black shower head and faucet set


Solid brass rainfall showerhead
2 x faucets for hot and cold water

Water supply line
$94.79 (Amazon)
Artiwell Outdoor Shower SystemWall-mount, stainless steel showerhead and faucet set


1,8 GPM high-performance shower head

Rustproof shower riser to extend the height of the shower

2 levers for water temperature control
$51.99 (Amazon)
Homewerks Utility Shower Head KitWall-mount, industrial chrome shower head and faucet kit


1.8 GPM high flow showerhead

2 handle design for water temperature control

Top and bottom mount supply lines
$59.98 (Amazon)

Hidden Costs for Your Outdoor Shower

Whether you choose a wall-mounted or free-standing outdoor shower, remember to include the following unseen costs for an outdoor shower installation:

  •         Labor
  •         Rubble removal
  •         Ground clearing
  •         Plumbing
  •         Landscaping

So, Is There an Outdoor Shower to Suit Your Budget?

stainless steel pole, outdoor shower
See the Aquatica Gamma-624 Freestanding Outdoor Shower. Use Coupon Code Shana10 for 10% off any outdoor shower at Aquaticausa.

No matter your budget, most likely you’ll be able to build an outdoor shower. From custom designs with style and flair to simple, stylish DIY installations, an outdoor shower is designed to meet your needs and pocket.

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