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How To Measure EVERYTHING For Your Bathroom – Tubs, Vanities, Toilets & More!

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How To Measure Everything In Your Bathroom
Proper bathroom measuring can result in gorgeous designs

Updating, remodeling, or simply replacing outdated bathroom fittings and fixtures can take time. The best way to tackle any DIY job is to be prepared with all the facts and figures.

Maya Mogdahan

In this article, we’ll discuss how to measure everything in your bathroom for problem-free planning. However, keep in mind the advice of Maya Moghadam, Owner of Maya’s Design Studio: 

“As a designer, I recommend having a professional contractor measure all the unique requirements. They know how to measure correctly so that you don’t waste your money or time.” 

Maya and her team can recommend a contractor, create an e-design, and shop with you to help turn your bathroom into a haven in your home.

Maya’s Design Studio offers virtual services all over the world. To get an extended free consultation on your bathroom design or remodel, and advice on measuring, click the button below and be sure to mention that you came from Bathtubber:

How To Measure Your Bathroom

How big should a bathroom be
Everything has its place in your bathroom. Order this look from Maya’s Design StudioSay you saw it on Bathtubber

Have you ever wondered how big your bathroom is? Is there a standard bathroom size, and does your bathroom measure up? Bathrooms come in a range of sizes, not all with standard dimensions.

Bathroom sizes are determined by the available space, your needs, and the size of the essential fixtures in the room. Generally, essential fixtures are defined as:

  •  A sink
  •  A toilet
  •  A shower and/or bathtub
  • The vanity

Designing the right fit for your vanities, shower cubicles, and freestanding bathtubs can increase the space available to move about in your bathroom.

Read my article on how big your bathroom should be and discover what you should know about bathroom sizes and how to measure them correctly. 

Also, check out the below quick reference guide on the minimum standard bathroom sizes: 

Type of BathroomAverage Size 
Standard Bathroom40 sq ft (3.7 sq meters)Intended as a general family bathroom to cater to 2 – 4 people.
Master or Primary Bathroom100 sq ft (9.29 sq meters)A larger, more luxurious bathroom space for the homeowners or the occupants of the master bedroom. Caters to 2 people. This space should be aligned with the design of the bedroom.
Half Bathroom or Powder Room18 sq ft – 20 sq ft (1.67 – 1.85 sq meters)A basic bathroom for guests, which includes a toilet and a sink. This is the bathroom your guest see and won’t have a bathroom.
Guest Bathroom30 sq ft – 36 sq ft(2.78 -3.34 sq meters)A reduced version of a standard bathroom, often with a toilet, vanity, and either a bath or shower.
ADA Bathroom23 sq ft (2.13 sq meters)

The 40 sq ft minimum does not apply to private residences.

A bathroom that maximizes central space. Fixtures that maximize toe and knee space are selected, with no steps to access the shower. Handles, sinks, and faucets are installed at heights suitable for use from a wheelchair.

Source: International Residential Codes (IRC)

How To Measure Your Shower

Standard shower sizes
Bathroom with walk-in shower. Image courtesy of Maya’s Design Studio


Before you measure the shower space, you should consider the following to ensure that your chosen shower design will fit in with the decor:

  •         The location and position of the shower
  •         How much space is available for the shower
  •         The design and aesthetics of the bathroom

Follow these steps to measure your space for a new shower:

  1.       Measure the length and width
  2.       Measure the depth
  3.       Measure the height

All bathroom fixtures should be placed to accommodate each other in the bathroom by leaving enough space around the fixture for user comfort.

According to the IRC, these are the recommended spacings for optimal comfort around your shower:

Distance BetweenRecommended Spacing (IRC)Recommended Spacing (NKBA)
Shower and front of toilet24”(60.9cm)30”(76.2cm)
Shower and side of toilet15”(38.1cm)20”(50.8cm)
Shower and sink21″ (53.3cm)30″ (76.2cm)
Shower and all other fixtures30″ (76.2cm)30″ (76.2cm)
Shower entry and all other fixtures24”(60.9cm)30″ (76.2cm)
Clear floor space in front of the shower24”(60.9cm)30″ (76.2cm)

What size should your shower be, and where should you place it in your bathroom? Follow this handy step-by-step guide to find out how to measure your shower.

How To Measure Your Bathtub

Bathtub size guide
A well-placed bathtub adds bliss to your tub time

Bathtubs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to fit your space and lifestyle. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which tub will fit your space perfectly?

Knowing the correct tub dimensions allows you to plan your bathroom setup. Consider the space needed for other bathroom fixtures before deciding on the perfect spot for your tub. My complete bathtub size guide will help you to discover what you need to know. 

So how do you measure a bathtub? This table takes the guesswork out of measuring your new tub.

Bathtub MeasurementsArea
Overall lengthFrom end-to-end on the outside edge of the tub
Overall heightFrom the floor to the top rim of the tub
Basin lengthThe inside area of the tub from end-to-end
Basin heightThe inside area of the tub from the bottom to the top of the rim
Overall widthFrom side-t-side on the outside edge of the tub
Basin widthFrom side-to-side on the inside of the tub
Soaking depthA full tub from the bottom to just below the overflow drain

How To Measure Your Bathroom Toilet

How To Measure Toilets
Measuring your toilet fittings is an essential part of bathroom planning

Choosing a toilet for your bathroom is an important decision to make, so how do you choose the perfect throne for your bathroom? It all begins with the correct measurements and regulated spacing requirements for toilets in a bathroom.

Finding the right location for your toilet means measuring the toilet to see if it will fit into its new space. Follow these steps to measure the toilet:

  •         Measure the width of the toilet from the right outer edge to the left outer edge of the toilet seat or the toilet tank (whichever is the widest)
  •         Measure the length of the toilet from the back of the toilet tank to the front of the toilet rim
  •         Measure the height of the toilet from the seat to the top of the tank and from the rim of the toilet seat to the floor

The toilet is probably the most important fixture in the bathroom, so it should be optimally situated for ease of use and not be obstructed by anything else. 

This table lists the optimal spacing requirements for a toilet:

Minimum toilet clearance spaceRecommended Spacing (IRC)Recommended Spacing (NKBA)Disabled Access (ADA)
Front of toilet21”(53.3cm)


30”- 48”(76.2 – 121.9cm)
Side of the toilet to the nearest fixture, wall, or partition15”(38.1cm)18”(45.7cm)60”(152.4cm)
Clear floor space in front of the toilet24”(60.9cm)36”(91.4cm)
30”- 48”(76.2 – 121.9cm)

Table: (Source 1) (Source 2) (Source 3)

How To Measure Your Bathroom Vanity

Vanity guide before and after
Sizing your vanity requires accurate measurements. Order this look from Maya’s Design Studio

To get an extended FREE consultation on your bathroom design or remodel, and advice on measuring, click the button below. Be sure to mention that you came from Bathtubber.

The right bathroom vanity will create the illusion that your bathroom is larger than it is, elevate your bathroom design, and welcome in natural light. 

Is the humble vanity available in different styles and sizes, and what else should you know when measuring your bathroom space for a new vanity?

My bathroom vanity size guide discusses everything you need to know about the size of your vanity, what you should consider when measuring the space for a new vanity, and more!

Remember to follow the recommended spacing guidelines when installing your vanity in the bathroom:

Minimum vanity clearance spaceRecommended Spacing (IRC)Recommended Spacing (NKBA)Disabled Access (ADA)
Front of the vanity to the nearest fixture, wall, or partition21”(53.3cm)30”(76.2cm)60”(152.4cm)
Side of the vanity to the nearest fixture, wall, or partition20”(50.8cm)30”(76.2cm)30”- 48”(76.2 – 121.9cm)
Distance between vanity double basins36″ (91.4cm) 36″ (91.4cm) 36″ (91.4cm)

Table: (Source 1) (Source 2) (Source 3

This table offers a quick overview of the dimensions of most bathroom vanities:

Vanity SizeHeightWidthDepth
Standard30 – 34” (76.2 – 86.3cm)18 – 48”(45.7 – 60.9 -121.9cm)18 – 23”(45.7 – 58.4cm)
Comfort36”(94.4cm)36 – 48”(94.4 -121.9cm)18 – 23”(45.7 – 58.4cm)
Floating30 – 32” (76.2 – 81cm)24 – 72”(60.9 -182.8cm)18 – 23”(45.7 – 58.4cm)
Double30 – 32” (76.2 – 81cm)60 – 72”(152.4 -182.8cm)18 – 23”(45.7 – 58.4cm)

Table: Source 1  and Source 2

How To Measure Your Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors
Vanity mirrors add light and balance to any bathroom design

It’s important to get the right mirror to hang above your vanity and to know where to place it. Is there a right way and a wrong way to hang a vanity mirror? Should you follow design guidelines to achieve the best and most balanced look?

Different design rules apply when choosing either one or two mirrors for a double vanity. Always consider the shape and size of the mirror and the size of the vanity. 

To find out how to measure for the best place to hang your vanity mirror, what size it should be, and how much space you need, see my guide on the best mirror size for your bathroom vanity.

Consult the table below to find out what size bathroom mirror would work best for your vanity and vice versa:

Bathroom vanity widthMirror width
24″ (60.9cm)22″ (55.8cm)
30″ (76.2cm)24 – 28″ (60.9 – 71.1cm)
36″ (91.4cm)32″ (81.2cm)
48″ (121.9cm)36″ (91.4cm)
60″ (152.4cm)56″ (142.2cm)
72″ (182.8cm)66 – 68″ (167.6cm – 172.7cm)

How To Measure Your Bathroom Vanity Light

Perfect size vanity light
Correctly positioned vanity lights affect your bathroom aesthetic – Image courtesy of Maya’s Design Studio

Light is very important in the bathroom and can uplift or dampen your mood. As a general rule, the perfect vanity light size should be about 75% of the width of your vanity.

Are there standard recommendations to help you make an informed decision? My guidelines on vanity light sizes will answer this question. We discuss light sizes and how they should be used over the vanity.

The table below offers the ideal vanity light measurements for different situations in the bathroom:

Bathroom Vanity WidthIdeal vanity light width if hung ABOVE the mirrorIdeal vanity light length if hung BESIDE the mirror
60”(152.4cm)Up to 48”(122.9cm)Over 18”(45.7cm+)

How To Measure The Perfect Bathroom Sink For Your Vanity

How to measure a bathroom sink
An elegant bathroom sink adds style to your design – Order a consultation from Maya’s Design Studio – Say you loved the look on Bathtubber!

The perfect vanity sink should be the right size for your vanity and complement the look and feel of your bathroom. How do you measure the sink to ensure it fits into the vanity?

The first step is to find out the size of the sink by using the following measurements:

HeightThe total exterior height, top to bottom
WidthFrom one side of the sink to the other
LengthFrom the front to the back
DepthThe interior of the sink from the lowest point to the top of the bowl or the overflow hole

Bathroom vanities are generally built according to industry-standard sizes, but vanity sinks are not. This means you could have a vanity sink small enough to wash your hands or large enough to wash your hair!

To find out how to measure the correct size sink for your vanity and how everything fits together in your bathroom, read my article on the perfect size bathroom sink for your vanity.

How To Measure The Tiles For Your Bathroom

Bathroom tiles
Tiles add a beautiful dimension to your bathroom

The perfect bathroom tiles can enhance the look and feel of the space. Different-sized tiles work better in different areas of the bathroom.

Although tiles can be found in various shapes and sizes, the standard sizes are as follows and could help you to measure your area correctly:

Tile sizeMeasurement
Large24 x 24” (60.9 x 60.9cm)

48 x 48”(121.9 x 121.9cm)

Medium12 x 12” (30.4 x 30.4cm)
SmallFrom 1 x 1”(2.5 x 2.5cm)


In this post on tile sizing, I help you figure out exactly what size tiles will work best in your main bathroom area, walk-in shower, and tub surround.

How To Measure Bathroom Towels

How to measure bathroom towels
Towels of different shapes, sizes, and colors enhance your bathroom decor

Bathroom towels should be functional as well as practical. Towels are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials with different attributes for various skin types.

Bathroom towel materials can be:

  •         Absorbent
  •         Soft
  •         Light enough for sensitive skin
  •         Durable

Towels are available in the following standard sizes:

Towel TypeStandard Size
Washcloth12 x 12″ (30.4 x 30.4cm)

13 x 13” (33 x 33cm)

Fingertip Towels11 x 18” (27.9 x 45.7cm)

12 x 20” (30.4 x 50.8cm)

Hand Towels15 x 25” (38.1 x 63.5cm)

17 x 30” (43.1 x 76.2cm)

Bath Towels30 x 54” (76.2 x 137.1cm)
Bath Sheets40 x 70” (101.6 x 177.8cm)

Read my article to discover the best towel materials with a handy size guide to help you choose the best towels for you.

Measure For Your Bathroom 

You’ll want to take your time when measuring for bathroom fixtures. If you’re just replacing one fixture, you may be able to handle it yourself as long as you’re careful and precise. However, if you’re about to undertake an expensive bathroom remodel, you may feel better working with an expert.

Bathtubber.com works with Maya’s Design Studio, a team who can help you every step of the way. Click the button above to contact Maya. Tell her you found her on Bathtubber.com and she’ll give you a FREE extended virtual bathroom design consultation. Read more about Maya’s Design Studio here.

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