Homemade Bath Bomb Recipe – Spring Garden

I just love this homemade bath bomb recipe. Do you know that second when winter breaks and you finally catch your first breath of spring? Well, this bath bomb makes me feel that same way. It offers hope and renewal. Plus, it’s fun to make and it’s so beautiful.

DIY bath bomb recipe - Spring Garden

Spring Garden is a two-tone bath bomb with dried flowers and the scent of spring.  It turns my bathwater frothy and scatters dried amaranth and strawflowers across the surface of the tub.

Resources for Your Homemade Bath Bomb Recipes

For a crazy amount of extra fizz, make an embed and plant it between the two spheres of your bath bomb. Making an embed is simple, so here’s the embed recipe.

To learn much more about making bath bombs, check out How to Make Bath Bombs: The Ultimate Guide. You’ll discover the secrets to bath bomb ingredients, including essential oils, carrier oils and fun extras. Also, you’ll get links to other DIY bath bomb recipes.

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How to Make the Spring Garden Bath Bomb

Making this homemade bath bomb is a joy because you get to handle dried flowers and work with such pretty colors.

This recipe makes 3 large ornament bath bombs or 5 medium-sized bath bombs. (It will vary depending on the size of your molds.)


  • Rubber gloves
  • 3 bowls – 2 medium, 1 small
  • Spray bottle
  • Bath Bomb Molds – stainless steel spheres or plastic ornaments
  • Small paintbrush

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Dried flowers used in the bath bomb recipe
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