7 Best Drop In Tubs (2024) -Soaking, Jetted & More

Drop In Bathtub

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Looking for the best drop in tub? We did the research so you don’t have to. Read on to discover the best drop in bathtubs available right now.


What is the best drop in tub this year?

Best Overall Drop-In Tub – American Standard Cadet Drop-In Tub

Best for Small Bathrooms – Fine Fixtures Drop-In Tub

Best for Customizing – Americh Malibu 8466 Drop-In Tub

Best Alcove Drop-In – Signature Hardware Sitka

Best Oval Drop In Bathtub – American Standard Savona

Best Cast Iron Contemporary – Kohler Reve Cast Iron Drop In Tub

Best Jetted Drop In Tub – Americh Confidence


1. Best Drop In Tub – Overall Pick


American Standard Cadet Drop In Tub

Spacious. Excellent value


  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Great to stretch out
  • Excellent Value


  • Poor packaging

Capacity: 82 Gallons

Installation: Drop In

Shape: Oval

Size: 76″L x 46″W x 20″H

Weight: 145 lbs

Material: Fiberglass reinforced acrylic

Of all the drop-in bathtubs, the Cadet Drop In is our overall winner for best drop in tub of the year. Manufactured by renowned manufacturer American Standard, this bathtub ensures you get bang for your buck with its affordable price and large size.

While a standard bathtub is 60 inches long, this drop-in is nearly 76 inches in length, giving even tall people plenty of room to stretch out. If you’re average-sized, you can fit two. 

Made of fiberglass reinforced acrylic, this tub is both unlikely to chip and easy to clean.

Other features installed in the tub are a form-fitted back-rest, molded-in armrests with elbow supports, overflow, and a dual accessory deck area. 

These factors combine to make the American Standard Cadet a guarantee to stretch your dollars—and your legs!


2. Best for Small Bathrooms – Fine Fixtures Drop-In Tub

7 Best Drop In Tubs (2024) -Soaking, Jetted & More

Fine Fixtures Drop-In Tub

High-gloss finish. Slip-resistant texture


  • Easy to install
  • Reversible drain
  • High-gloss white
  • Great customer service
  • Rare find


  • Tall people may find it too short for comfort

Capacity: 52 Gallons

Installation: Drop-In

Shape: Rectangular

Size: 48″ L x 32″ W x 19″ H

Weight: 44 lbs

Material: Acrylic fiberglass with porcelain finish

If you’ve been searching for a small drop-in tub, look no further. This 48” long bathtub from Fine Fixtures will give you an 18” soaking depth but can still fit in a bathroom as small as 4 feet by 6 feet. The tub is available in larger sizes, too.

This tub comes with a reversible drain and a slip-resistant surface. It’s a great small bathtub for families with kids. And still, it has a modern, high-gloss look and is finished with crack-resistant porcelain.

Installation should be easy as it comes with leveling feet and doesn’t require mortar. That said, if you’re not handy, you will probably want a contractor to put in the tile flange. Your contractor can either build tile to cover the edges of the tub, or you can leave them as a surrounding shelf on which to store shampoo and soap.

Because of the tub edge, be sure to order a tub faucet with a longer-than-average spout. For more bathtub ideas for a small bathroom, see my complete list of the best small bathtubs.



3. Best for Customizing – Americh Malibu 8466 Drop-In Tub

7 Best Drop In Tubs (2024) -Soaking, Jetted & More

Americh Malibu Customizable Drop In Tub

Optional jets. Range of colors and finishes


  • Large
  • Durable
  • Choose air and/or water jets
  • Customizable color, finish, drain, etc.


  • Not eco-friendly due to large size

Capacity: 115 Gallons

Installation: Drop-In

Shape: Rectangular

Size: 84″ L x 66″ W x 22″ H

Weight: 200 lbs

Material: Acrylic

It can be hard to find a bathtub that fits all your every last wish, but the Americh Malibu 8466 does its best to solve this issue by making itself as customizable as possible.

Don’t want a soaker tub? No problem! Configure the 8466 into a state-of-the-art air bath, whirlpool tub, or a combo tub with both types of jets. The tub also has options for color, pump and/or blower location, drain, and overflow. You can also order chromotherapy (light therapy) to create any mood.

Another huge plus of this tub is the size. Even if you’re tall, you’ll have room to stretch out your legs and enjoy an immersive bathing experience.  

The incredible customizability and size of this tub cements it as a top-tier, drop in tub—perfect for a primary bath.



4. Best Alcove Drop-In – Signature Hardware Sitka

7 Best Drop In Tubs (2024) -Soaking, Jetted & More

Signature Hardware Sitka Drop-In Tub

Slanted back for comfort. Deep soak


  • 19.25 inch soaking depth
  • Textured bottom for safety
  • Compatible with any tub drain assembly


  • No hardware included

Capacity: 93 Gallons

Installation: Alcove/Drop-In

Shape: Rectangular

Size: 60″x 36″ x 23″

Weight: 207 lbs

Material: Acrylic

This standard-length bathtub offers an extra deep soak and an ergonomic design for extra relaxation.

It’s made to be dropped into a custom-built platform so that no sides of the tub are exposed, and the faucet is installed in the deck or on the wall.

This alcove drop-in tub is reversible so you can position the tub with the drain on the right or the left. If you decide you just want an alcove bathtub and not necessarily a drop-in, see my post on the best alcove tubs currently on the market.

This tub comes with a 25-year limited warranty and the knowledge that Signature Hardware is one of the best brands in the business that offers excellent customer service.



5. Best Oval Drop In Tub – American Standard Savona

7 Best Drop In Tubs (2024) -Soaking, Jetted & More

American Standard Savona

Molded armrests. Great value from highly reputable brand


  • Easy to install
  • Deep soaker tub – 18″ soaking depth
  • Great brand
  • Built-in armrests
  • Excellent price


  • Occasionally delivered with chip on surface

Capacity: 64 Gallons

Installation: Drop In

Shape: Rectangular

Size: 60″x 42″ x 21″

Weight: 107 lbs

Material: Fiberglass-reinforced acrylic

If you’re looking for a drop in bathtub that’s equally practical and beautiful, the American Standard Savona is a great choice.

Despite its affordability, this tub is by no means a budget brand and can go head-to-head with the best oval drop-in tubs out there.  On the practical side, this fiberglass and acrylic tub weighs in at 107, pounds making it significantly easier to move and install in your home. This material is also easy to clean. 

On the luxury side, the tub has an 18” soaking depth, which is a full half-foot deeper than a traditional bathtub. It also includes dual, molded-in armrests for maximum comfort.

Although unlikely, be sure to inspect your tub fully on delivery to be sure there are no chips on the surface before installing. 



6. Best Cast Iron Drop In Tub

7 Best Drop In Tubs (2024) -Soaking, Jetted & More

Kohler Reve Cast Iron Drop In Tub

Contemporary design. Quiet fill


  • Highly durable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Quiet fill
  • Sleek design


  • Heavy

Capacity: 75 Gallons

Installation: Drop In

Shape: Rectangular

Size: 66″L x 32″W x 19″H

Weight: 400 lbs

Material: Cast iron

Cast iron tubs have many advantages and the Kholer Reve makes sure to remind you of every one. Being cast iron means this tub retains heat especially well and fills more quietly than almost any other tub out there.

The dual-sloped lumbar support on both ends makes this tub extra comfortable.

The only slight downside to this tub is its weight. Make sure you keep this in mind before you try to carry it up a flight of stairs. If placing this drop in bathtub on a second floor, you may want a contractor to ensure the floor can support the weight of the full tub.




7. Best Drop-In Jetted Tub – Americh Confidence

7 Best Drop In Tubs (2024) -Soaking, Jetted & More

Americh Confidence

Fits two people. Customizable jets


  • Fits two
  • Customizable jets
  • Numerous add-on features
  • Slip-resistant


  • Pricey

Capacity: 110 Gallons

Installation: Drop In

Shape: Almost Square

Size: 70″L x 60″W x 21″H

Weight: 145 lbs

Material: Acrylic

If you’re looking to take your bathing experience to the next level, then you’ll want to check out our pick for best drop in jetted tub. The Americh Confidence 7260 is a great option because it features a variety of powerful jets that provide therapeutic hydrotherapy at home.

What really sets this tub apart from the other jetted drop-ins out there are the bonus features that you can add, such as grab bars, high density insulation, sound system, inline heater, pillows, thermal comfort system.

The high quality materials, jets, and features turn this tub into the jetted drop in bathtub that will offer a truly next-level bathing experience.


What is a drop in tub?

double slippered copper bathtub

A drop in bathtub differs from your average bathtub by consisting of the tub shell only. A drop in bathtub fit inside a frame or surround that completely conceals your bathtub leaving only the rim visible. The frame can be made out of various materials like tile, wood, or even stone.


Why get a drop in bathtub?

Master Bath with Drop-In Tub

The best drop-in bathtubs have many substantial advantages over other tub designs. One of their main draws is that they are usually more space efficient than a normal freestanding tub. 

Not only does the frame provide storage space along the rim of your bathtub, but it also allows you to seamlessly blend your bathtub into the design of the rest of the bathroom. The platform you build leaves lots of room to incorporate gorgeous materials such as tile, glass and wood.


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