Do Corner Baths Save Space?

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Selecting the perfect bathtub size and shape to suit your needs can be an overwhelming task. There are many considerations, including the footprint of your bathroom. If you have a compact bathroom, or if you have a large bathroom but need to save space, you’ll want to look into a corner bath. A corner bathtub is a bath with five or three sides, designed to fit perfectly into corners.

Corner baths can save space depending on the bathroom layout. A corner bath is better suited for a square area. However, corner baths can still work in rectangular rooms when you select the correct size and shape. A standard-sized corner tub is triangular and measures 60 inches at its widest and 60 inches at the longest points.

The Pros And Cons of the Corner Tub


  • Corner tubs provide a more comfortable bathing space than other tubs. With the larger corner tubs, you get more volume and area. Some corner models can fit up to three people.
  • They utilize corners, dead space, or odd angles more efficiently than rectangular or round bathtubs; this allows for ample floor space in the center of a bathroom.
  • Corner bathtubs are visually attractive and exciting. They come in many styles, and sizes. A corner tub can create a modern and sleek bathroom decor.
  • They are perfect to combine with a shower. Or they can help you make room for a separate walk-in shower.


  • Corners of the tub may be challenging to clean as they are further to reach.
  • A corner tub could appear too bulky and not the most efficient option for the layout of your bathroom.
  • Getting in and out of the tub can be more complicated than accessing a regular bath.
  • If you are on a budget, the fancier models might put a big hole in your pocket.
  • The size and volume of a corner tub can become a problem with water restrictions. The depth and overall size may require more water than you really need to bathe comfortably. A smaller bathtub will fill up quicker, giving you a depth for submersion. (You can always use technology like low-flow showerheads and water monitors to conserve water if this is the right tub type for you.)

Corner Tub vs Rectangular Tub

A corner bathtub fits into a corner of the room and has a rounded edge. In contrast, the traditional rectangular tub (also called an “alcove” tub) is usually aligned against the wall and has sharper edges.

Cutting Corners For A Little More Legroom

The primary advantage of a corner bath is that it fits into areas that a regular bath can’t and frees up space in the bathroom center. This allows traffic to flow more smoothly into and out of the bathroom. A corner bath will give you more room to dry off and can provide you with more comfortable access to the sink.

The edges of a rectangular tub – especially freestanding baths – can cut into some of your movement space. In comparison, the corner tub’s smooth curved edge allows for more movement without constantly avoiding the jutting edges. 

The edges of a regular bath might not always be a problem. Take a look at rectangular baths; in small spaces, these tubs fit into narrow rooms and can be installed without much space sacrifice. 


Volume And Room Shape And Size 

There are smaller options of corner tubs and different shapes of the corner tub you can consider installing. Having too many options is not always a good thing, but in this case, you’ll want as many as you can get.  

The rectangular bath is 100m² bigger in the floor space area for similar water volumes. Clearly, this shows that the tub’s size needs to be considered while placing the room dimensions at the forefront of your estimations. 

As we mentioned earlier, some bathrooms are square-shaped and others rectangular. Corner baths work best in square rooms; that is not saying they won’t fit into other rooms. But if you are looking to gain space, the alcove bath is probably the better choice for a rectangular room.  When placing a corner bath in a rectangular bathroom, keep in mind that the narrower the space, the smaller the bathtub will need to be and the less volume it will have.


Small Bathrooms: Install a Shower 

With tiny spaces, you can take it a step further and install the shower over the corner or alcove bath, which will double its functionality and save even more space for the remaining bathroom necessities. The shower installation will give you a choice between taking a long soak or a quick shower without sacrificing your ability to move around.  

Corner Bath Options With Some Added Luxury

Corner Bath Options With Some Added Luxury

Carver Drop-In Two-Person Soaking Corner Bathtub

You might think the sleek two-person soaker will take up more space, but standard corner tubs are 60″ x 60″ and this model is 55″ x 55.” The non-traditional size will save you a bit of floor space. This combo tub has water jets to give you a targeted deep muscle massage and air jets to provide an overall, lighter massage. 

Carver Tubs are manufactured and assembled in the USA, using high-quality materials to ensure durability and acrylic that never loses color. The tub is fitted with a slip-resistant bottom and has a wide range of fantastic customizations to explore. This drop-in tub is made to fit into an existing platform or base.

Luxury Features Include:

6 or 12 Jet Whirlpool

Heated 20 Jet Air Massage

Vibronic Massage 

Bluetooth speakers

Chroma therapy 

Bathtub heater 

Bathtub heater  Ariel Jetted 2-Person Corner Jetted Tub

This jetted tub is slightly bigger than the Carver model mentioned above with standard 60″ x 60″ dimensions. However, it’s 10″ deeper than a standard corner tub, at 30″ deep. This corner tub offers all the space-saving perks along with luxurious features that will turn your bathroom into a spa. This is an alcove tub so it will fit snugly in a corner between two walls.

Features include: 

Heat pump to keep water warm for the duration of your soak 

⦁ Jetted hot tub system with hydro-massage! And air jets, too.

Handheld shower

⦁ Smart functions including LED chromotherapy lighting and LCD control panel for music.


Apps for Laying Out Floor Plans with a Corner Tub

Consider using a layout app to see if the corner bath will work for your space and create a bathroom floor plan. It will make it a little easier to visualize your ideas. Try apps like Magic Plan and Planner 5D which are available on both Android and Apple.

Floor Plan Creator for Android phones or tablets also has some free designs you can use.

Note that these apps have paid versions, so be careful not to subscribe to anything if you don’t want to pay a subscription fee. 

Some Layout Options for Corner Tub

Six by six (6′ x 6′) Since all the walls are even in length, you can play around with the sink and toilet placement, keep them together against one side, and place a corner bath on the opposite wall. Switch it up and put either the sink or toilet against the same wall as the shower or tub, leaving space on the opposite side for the remaining sink/toilet. 

Nine by five (9′ x 5′) This is another great layout for a corner bath. The placement will be similar to the 6′ x 6′ above, as the added length will provide some wiggle room for the toilet and sink. 

Beyond the Corner Tub: Small Bathroom Decor

While adding a corner tub will give your bathroom an airier feel, you can make inexpensive changes to the decor to add to the airy, spa vibe in your space. Consider the following:

Radiant colors From the paint on the walls to the accessories’ fabric and texture, light and natural shades will add a great feel to small spaces. Think periwinkle walls and stone-colored lace curtains. 

Big Mirrors These will add some dimension, giving a roomier vibe. You can mirror an entire wall if you want, but honestly, is there anything more awkward than trying to avoid your reflection while taking care of business?! Instead, consider mirroring just a half-wall and leave the space beneath bare. 

Windowless Rooms Add a backlight to the mirror; this will add extra radiance to the room. A skylight is another excellent option to lighten up a dreary room. Get designer secrets for gorgeous bathroom lighting.

Shower doors – Use clear glass, rather than curtains or frosted glass, to make a small bathroom feel bigger .

⦁Utilize Empty Spaces – Avoid clutter by placing organizers above the toilet and sink. Consider installing a modern medicine cabinet to store all the counter products. A floating bathroom vanity allows some room underneath for a laundry hamper for dirty towels. Install shelving above the toilet and use it for extra toilet tissue, decorative plants, and fresh towels. 

So Do Corner Baths Save Space?

The corner bath might provide some extra space and fit best in a square-shaped bathroom. You will have to take the time and do all the measurements to ensure that you select the right choice for the space you have. Also, consider a corner bath will give you the overall aesthetic you want. 

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