13 Best Shower Systems for 2023

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Modern shower systems (like the Katais system pictured above) are designed to deliver more than a stream of hot water. Many have built-in massage jets, handheld shower wands, and even lights and music! In light of the new technology, you may be ready for an upgrade.

Read on to discover the best shower sets currently on the market.

These are the best shower systems for 2023


Best Push Button Shower Faucet Set – Vanfoxle Push Button Shower Faucet Set

Best 4 – IN – 1 Shower Set-  KATAIS Brushed Nickel LED Shower System

Best Shower Panel Tower System – Ello and Allo LED Shower Panel Tower

Best LED Shower System – Votamuta Waterfall LED Shower System

Best Retro-fit Shower System – Vigo Retrofit Shower Panel System

Best Rainfall Shower Mixer Combo Set – Tipok Brushed Gold Rainfall Shower Faucet Set

Best High-Pressure Shower System – High-Pressure Shower System

Best Black Shower System – Airuida Matte Black Rain Shower System

Best Modern Shower System – Belanger Delphi Pressure Balanced Shower System

Best Luxury Square Shower Combo Set – EMBATHER Black Shower Faucet Sets

Best Smart Shower System – GROHE 26645000 Rainshower SmartConnet Showerhead

Best Contemporary Shower System – ZLINE El Dorado Shower System

Dual Heads Shower System – Razor Slimline Rainfall Shower System


1. Best Push Button Shower Faucet Set


  • Rainfall shower head with 3 modes
  • Handheld shower and bathtub spout
  • Anti-scalding shower valve
  • High-pressure technology doubles the water pressure
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy installation


  • The handheld shower is small

Color: Matte black

Material: Stainless Steel/Brass

Finish: Matte

Faucet Type: 180° Rotating bathtub spout

Number of Handles: 1

Includes: Shower set, rough-in valve body, and trim

The Vanfoxle shower system is perfect for all bathrooms, big or small. The shower head is unique in that each round nozzle is individually attached to the sprayer and is designed to provide a natural rain shower experience for the bather.

The cUPC-certified pressure balance valve keeps the water temperature stable, preventing scalds and burns.

Another unique feature is the waterfall spout which replaces the faucet and delivers water into the tub. It also doubles as a storage platform to place your soap on while you bathe.

The high-pressure hose on the handheld shower delivers a single stream of water. This system features a push-button diverter to control water flow to the shower head, the handheld sprayer, and the bathtub spout.

2. Best 4 – IN – 1 Shower Set


  • Thermostatic shower valve included
  • Easy to install
  • LED lights
  • A full-body shower system


  • You may need to request adaptors to fit your plumbing

Color: Brushed Nickle/Chrome/Oil rubbed bronze/Brushed gold/Matte black

Material: Stainless Steel/Brass

Finish: Brushed

Faucet Type: 180° Pivot bathtub spout

Number of Handles: 1

Includes: Bathtub spout, 4 – function shower system, shower head, arm and flange, hand shower head, shower hose, shower body jet, shower mixer valve

This system is all you need for a good, therapeutic shower! It includes a large, square LED shower head, 6 adjustable body jets, and a handheld shower head, all controlled by a single on/off rotating knob.

A handy 180° rotating bathtub spout is included, which you can install if you plan to install this system over your bathtub.

The 4-way water diverter allows water to be funneled between any of the 4 functions, allowing you to have water where you need it the mostas a rainfall shower pouring down from above, as a waterfall flowing into the tub, as a massage system, or directed to where you need it using the handheld shower.

The best feature of this stunning system is the thermostatic shower valve that keeps the water temperature constant to prevent scalding hot or freezing cold water while you bathe.

3. Best Shower Panel Tower System


  • 5 water modes
  • Massage jets
  • 3 setting handheld shower
  • LED temperature display


  • Difficult to install – call a plumber

Color: Brushed Black/Brushed Nickel

Material: Stainless Steel/Brass

Finish: Brushed

Faucet Type: Wall-mounted bathtub spout

Number of Handles: 3

Includes: Shower panel, accessories box

This shower system is so easy to use, with all of the controls on one panel attached to the wall. The hardware is fingerprint-free and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The 5 modes include a shower head with dual rainfall or waterfall options, a handheld shower head, massage jets, and a tub spout. These functions are all controlled by 2 diverter valves.

Simply select the water delivery component from one of the control switches on the control panel and choose the temperature and flow of the water from the other. With this system, you can use 2 water methods simultaneously!

The LED display lets you know the water temperature by the color of the light. The lights work by the flow of water, so no batteries are required.

4. Best LED Shower System


  • 10 Massage jets
  • 5 water modes
  • LED screen display
  • Great value for money


  • The temperature display is in Celsius

Color: Brushed Nickle/Black

Material: Stainless Steel/ABS

Finish: Brushed Nickel

Faucet Type: Bathtub spout

Number of Handles: 3

Includes: All shower components and accessories

This super stylish and modern shower system has everything you need. The 5 modes include a rainfall and waterfall showerhead, massage jets providing a full body massage spray, a handheld shower wand, and a bathtub water spout.

The LED digital display is powered by water flow and provides information on the temperature and low of the water while you shower. LED shower heads are perfect for lighting up your life and taking all the worry out of your shower time!

3 stylish controllers allow you to control the water temperature, the water flow, and which function to use.

5. Best Retro-fit Shower System


  • Rust resistant
  • Massage jets included
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Retro-fit design
  • cUPC certified
  • Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer


  • Volume control valve not included

Color: Gold/Black/Silver/Yellow

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Stainless Steel/Matte/Gold finish

Valve Design: Mixing valve

Number of Handles: 1

Includes: Shower head, hand shower, brackets, and mounting hardware

It’s hard to find anything to complain about with this trendy, sleek shower system. As a retro-fit system, it’s designed to replace your existing shower system, saving you money by using the existing fittings.

The system is adjustable, allowing people of all sizes to fit under the stream of water. Water is delivered in 3 ways – through the square shower head, the 2 massaging jets, and the hand shower. Each is designed to provide a flow of water where you need it, offering a spa-like experience.

This system has 3 pressure settings for the hand shower and the shower head jets. A user-friendly guide is provided to help you install and set up the shower system.

6. Best Rainfall Shower Mixer Combo Set


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • 10″ rainfall shower head
  • Single water control valve


  • No massage jets

Color: Brushed Gold/Matte Black/Chrome

Material: Stainless Steel/Brass

Finish: Brushed

Valve Design: Water control valve

Number of Handles: 1

Includes: All shower accessories and installation manual

Although this shower system does not have massage jets, it uses air-injection technology to provide a powerful waterfall shower hydro massage experience.

The handheld solid brass showerhead allows you to direct the water flow to where you need it. The water control valve allows you to choose between using the shower head or the hand shower.

This stylish system is manufactured from heavy-duty metals, adding to the décor of any modern bathroom.

7. High-Pressure Shower System


  • Rust resistant
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • 2 shower heads
  • 3 spray functions


  • Drain not included

Color: Black

Material: Metal

Finish: Matte black/Chrome/Brushed Nickel/Oil rubbed bronze/Polished gold/Brushed gold

Valve Design: Rough-in valve

Includes:  2 x shower heads, handheld shower, shower arm, shower hose, thermostatic valve mixer, valves

This shower system features 2 shower heads and a handheld shower. The 12″ slim design rain shower head is ceiling mounted, while the high-pressure 6″ swivel and pivoting shower head is mounted onto the wall.

The handheld shower delivers high water pressure for a great all-over body massage!

The slimline control is attached to the wall and allows you to adjust the water flow and temperature of all the shower heads. Use the shower head separately or all together.

This system has a thermostatic mixer that controls the water and an anti-scald device to prevent the water from becoming too hot or too cold.

8. Best Black Shower System


  • Installation manual
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 4 or 6 massage jets
  • Adjustable shower head


  • No bathtub faucet

Color: Matte Black

Material: Stainless Steel/Brass

Finish: Matte Black

Valve Design: Rough-in valve

Number of Handles: 1

Includes: Square rainfall shower head, shower arm, hand shower head, shower hose, shower body jets, shower holder, shower mixer valve

The Airuida matte black shower system is designed to make a statement in your bathroom! The square shower head is adjustable and rotates to 360°, allowing you to position the water flow wherever you need it!

You can choose 4 or 6 brass massage body jets, with 16 easy-to-clean nozzles on each jet for the ultimate spa experience. The handheld shower spray is self-cleaning with 44 nozzles on the wand.

The built-in diverter has an anti-scald function, keeping the water at a constant temperature while you shower.

9. Best Modern Shower System


  • Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • All parts provided
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean


  •  Assembly required

Color: Grey

Material: Brass/Metal

Finish: Chrome

Valve Design: Diverter valve

Number of Handles: 1

Includes: Showerhead, hand shower, ceiling shower arm and flange, sliding bar and flexible hose, valve, shower faucet

A pressure-balanced shower means that the hot and cold water coming into the shower is adjusted to maintain the water temperature at a certain level. This means that your water temperature will stay constant throughout the duration of your shower!

This modern system provides a round shower head with a rainfall water system and a multifunction hand shower with 3 different types of water jets – bubbles, stream and spray – to suit your mood.

10. Best Luxury Square Shower Combo Set


  • Air injection technology
  • 3 shower modes
  • cUPC certification
  • Complies with US Energy saving and emission reduction regulations


  • No bathtub faucet or massage jets

Color: Matte Black/Brushed Nickel/Oil rubbed bronze/Chrome

Material: Stainless Steel/Brass

Finish: Polished

Valve Type: Mixing rough-in valve

Number of Handles: 1

Includes: Shower head, handheld shower head, shower stent, shower arm, shower valve, decorative kit

The Embather shower system stands out because of its dual 2-in-1 shower function. With this function, you can choose to use the shower head independently or simultaneously with the handheld shower.

The oversized round shower head is adjustable to 360°, allowing you to spray water in all directions. It also offers a range of 8 spray settings, from rain and mist to intense spray. Air injection technology allows you to increase the water pressure according to your needs while still saving water.

The built-in valve is cUPC-certified and is designed to prevent sudden water temperature changes.

The single handle allows for easy switching between the shower functions, making this a very easy-to-use and stylish addition to any bathroom.

11. Best Smart Shower System


  • Compatible with your existing shower attachment
  • Wireless remote control
  • 3 spray functions
  • Easy-to-follow instructional video


  • Lithium batteries are required

Color: Chrome

Material: Stainless Steel/Brass

Finish: Chrome

Valve Design: Uses existing shower components

Includes: Shower head, remote,3 x AAA batteries, 1 x CR button cel


This has to be the easiest shower to install. Simply remove your old showerhead and replace it with the GROHE rainshower showerhead!

This showerhead has 2 choices to compliment any bathroom design – square or round. Each style is slim and elegant, adding a touch of class to your bathroom.

The bonus with this showerhead is that it is controlled by a waterproof wireless remote that allows you to switch between the functions on the showerhead.

Select any of the 3 water spray choices:

· Active rain

· Pure rain

· Or a combination spray

12. Best Contemporary Shower System


  • Easy to install
  • Quality materials
  • 3 spray functions
  • Easy to use


  • No massage jets or bathtub spout

Color: Black/Grey/Yellow

Material: Brass

Finish: Brushed Nickel/Chrome/Matte/Polished

Valve design: Rough-in valve

Number of Handles: 2

Includes: Shower head, handheld shower, and all accessories

The simple modern design of this shower system provides all that you need in a shower system – an overhead rainfall showerhead and a handheld shower wand.

What makes this shower system stand out is the range of available colors and finishes, designed to compliment the décor in any bathroom.

The round shower head offers a relaxing rainfall shower, while the handheld shower wand delivers water where you need it. Choose to use either the shower head and the hand wand independently or use them simultaneously by setting the diverter to the middle.

13. Best Dual Heads Shower System


  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple water settings


  • Assembly required

Color: Grey

Material: ABS/Chrome/Stainless Steel

Finish: Chrome

Mounting Type: Wall mount

Includes: Two shower heads, handheld wand, all parts and hardware

The Razor slimline shower system is ideal for smaller bathrooms or even for installing in your RV! The wall-mount 8″ shower head has 5 different water settings, all controlled by a 3-zone lever dial. Simply switch the dial to control the flow of water from either the shower head or the handheld wand.

This showerhead’s stainless steel and chrome finish, along with the flexible stainless steel hose for the handheld wand, allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy a relaxing shower.

When to Buy a New Shower and What to Look For 

If your existing shower doesn’t fit your décor, is old and shabby, or if you just don’t like it anymore and you would love to buy a new and updated shower system, this is what you should consider before you buy:

The Size of Your Bathroom

A shower system can fit anywhere. A shower system over a tub will suit large and small bathrooms. Make sure that you get the right system to fit your space.

Design a floor plan of the room and plan where the fixtures should go.

The Style of Your Bathroom

Are you going old school and traditional or super modern and elegant? Buy fittings to match your décor.

The Size of the New Shower Head and Accessories

Take measurements of the space and find a showerhead to match. You might need a small round showerhead or an extra-large-sized one. Either way, carry your plans with you so you are not tempted to buy the wrong size.

Smart Shower or Old-fashioned Shower?

The choice of shower systems is incredible! The style that you decide on should match the style and décor of your planned bathroom space.

Your Budget, Including Renovation Costs

This should be first on your planning list, but most of us have an idea of what we have available in our budget, so we tend to plan accordingly. If you cannot afford your ideal shower right now, buy what you can or save for a little longer!

Water Pressure and Valve Types

These are the practicalities of buying a new shower system. Speak to the salesman at your local home depot and find out the ins and outs of water pressure and valves before you make your purchase.

So, Should You Buy a New Shower System?

A new shower and remodeled bathroom could ultimately be an asset when selling your home, but don’t let that be a factor for upgrading. Your shower should suit you and your personality, so go and buy that new shower!

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