10 Best Outdoor Showers (2023)- Luxury, Budget, Anti-Rust

Outdoor showers are a wonderful addition to any home. Many shapes and sizes are available to suit the ambiance and style of your outdoor oasis. 

The Best Outdoor Showers of 2023 

A refreshing shower in the great outdoors is luxurious and practical. With so many designs and styles available, choosing the best one for your needs can be difficult. 

Our picks this year run from a ceramic outdoor shower that doubles as a work of art to a solar-powered portable outdoor shower you can take along on a camping trip:

Best Luxury Ceramic Shower – Marbella by KORTA  (Use coupon code SHANA10 to save 10% at checkout)

Best Outdoor Shower With Handheld Spray – Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower by Mosson

Best Stainless Steel Outdoor Shower Fixture – Outdoor Shower Faucet by Gotonovo

Best Luxury Stainless Steel Outdoor Shower Fixture – Gamma-514 Outdoor Shower by KORTA

Best Freestanding Outdoor Shower – ShowerSpas Wave Outdoor Shower by Pulse

Best Matte Black Outdoor Shower – Dual Function, High-Pressure Faucet by Aolemi

Best Budget-Friendly Outdoor Shower – Anti-rust Shower System by Artiwell

Best Lightweight Outdoor Shower – Portable Poolside Outdoor Shower by Camplux  

Best Solar Outdoor Shower Bag – Solar Shower Bag by Kipida

Best Battery-Operated Portable Shower – Portable Camping Shower by Ridgewinder

1. Best Luxury Ceramic Shower 



  • Unique design
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Customizable
  • Ecotech showerhead


  • 24 VDC electrical voltage is a requirement

Dimensions: 30″ W X 94.75″ H (76.2cm x 2.41m)

Colors: Saint Laurent, Smoke Natural, Sahara Noir, Golden White, Statuario, Grigio Carnico

Material: Ceramic

Installation type: Floor mount


Mixing valve: Yes

Water outlets: 1 x shower head

Use coupon code SHANA10 for 10% off all purchases at Aquaticausa.com

The Marbella outdoor shower is classy and stylish. Inspired by the beautiful city of Marbella in Spain, its simple and elegant design encourages a luxurious lifestyle making it the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

With six colors available in the Marbella range, you can choose the perfect match to complement your outdoor décor. This shower is fully customizable for your specific preferences and will be a stunning focal point, adding interest and elegance to your oasis.

This contemporary outdoor shower is an L-shaped, functional masterpiece, handcrafted from a single ceramic slab. It is also weatherproof, making it durable enough to withstand the elements. This outdoor shower sports an Ecotech shower head and is equipped with a 2-way mixing valve to provide water at your desired temperature.

Installation is simple. Anchor the vertical shower wall to the ground, fit the supplied stainless-steel hoses to a water supply, and turn it on. Add the optional LED lights to the shower head to create that special ambiance when showering at night.

2. Best Outdoor Shower With Handheld Spray



  • Tarnish and corrosion resistant
  • Dual-function shower mode   
  • Water-efficient showerhead
  • High-quality materials


  • Extension tube not included

Dimensions: 15.75″ W X 33.5″ – 47.2″ H (adjustable) (40cm x 85cm – 120cm)

Colors: Brushed nickel/Matt black/Antique brass/Oil rubbed bronze

Material: Solid brass

Installation type: Wall mount


Faucets: 2

Water outlets: 1 x shower head, 1 x handheld spray

Solid brass is one of the best materials for an outdoor shower. Brass is tarnish and corrosion-proof, incredibly durable, and will last for a very long time.

This antique brass shower fixture boasts an antique brass finish, a rainfall showerhead, a handheld shower sprayer with a 4.9 ft (1.5m) shower hose, and 2 separate faucets to deliver hot and cold water to the shower head of your choice. The adjustable shower head lets you position it at the right height for you and your family.

Brass showers tick all the boxes if you want to create a rustic, old-world vibe to match your outdoor décor. Mosson’s excellent after-service provides peace of mind with a 30-day return guarantee and a 10-year warranty

3. Best Stainless Steel Outdoor Shower Fixture



  • Anti-oxidation
  • Anti-scratch
  • Dual function shower and hand spray
  • Easy to install 


  • Wall installation kit not included

Dimensions: 17.3″ W X 92.04″ H (44cm x 2.35m)

Colors: Brushed nickel/Matt black

Material: Stainless Steel

Installation type: Wall mount


Mixing valve: Yes   

Water outlets: 1 x shower head, 1 x handheld shower

Durable and reliable, this outdoor shower combo set is crafted from sturdy stainless steel and features a solid brass diverter switch to control the overhead rainfall showerhead and the handheld shower functions. A 59″ (150cm) spray hose for the handheld shower is included for added convenience.

This set includes an extension tube to adjust the height of the showerhead to suit you. The swivel rainfall showerhead delivers a gentle and relaxing stream of water, set to the temperature of your liking, controlled by an easy-to-use mixing valve.

NPT 1/2 installation hardware is included in this set, making this the perfect outdoor shower for any location.

4. Best Luxury Stainless Steel Outdoor Shower Fixture



  • Multi-jet showerhead
  • One-touch mixing valve
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L shower
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Assembly required

Dimensions: 15.75″ W X 87.25″ H (40cm x 2.21m)

Colors: Stainless

Material: Stainless Steel

Installation type: Floor/ground mount


Mixing valve: Yes

Water outlets: 1 x shower head

Use coupon code SHANA10 for 10% off all purchases at Aquaticausa.com

The Gamma outdoors shower is a luxurious, high-end shower, perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor living space. This single-column shower is crafted from top-quality stainless steel to provide a super stylish, modern design.

Designed to be freestanding, you can easily mount this outdoor shower on the floor or the ground, allowing you the flexibility to choose the best spot. Water is supplied via a groundwater supply system. A single, convenient, easy-to-use mixing valve can control the flow rate and water temperature.

The multi-jet showerhead with anti-lime nozzles guarantees the quick and effortless removal of dirt and limescale, ensuring the best showering experience every time.

5. Best Freestanding Outdoor Shower



  • Pre-plumbed
  • Easy to install
  • Rust-resistant
  • Weatherproof


  • Installation by a licensed plumber is a requirement

Dimensions: 2.5″ W X 10.0″ H (6.3cm x 2.54m)

Colors: Brushed nickel

Material: Stainless Steel

Installation type: Floor mount


Mixing valve: 1

Water outlets: 1 x shower head, 1 x handheld shower, 1 x foot rinse spout

The Pulse ShowerSpa is the perfect solution for an all-over outdoor shower/spa experience. This outdoor shower system includes a rainfall showerhead, a wand hand shower with a 59″ (149cm) hose, and a foot rinse spout – everything you need to cool down or rinse off on a hot summer’s day.

This shower is simple, sleek, affordable, and easy to install. Made from rugged stainless steel, this shower is built to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors.

Mounted on a slim, vertical pole that extends from a circular, freestanding base, the diverter switch allows for easy switching between the different shower functions. The pressure-balanced valve offers a built-in anti-scald function, ensuring the water temperature is never too hot.

6. Best Matte Black Outdoor Shower



  • Easy to install
  • Anti-scratch
  • Adjustable shower height
  • Dual-function diverter valve


  • Wall mounts not included

Dimensions: 15.75″ W X 87.25″ H (40cm x 2.21m)

Colors: Brushed Nickel/Matt black

Material: Stainless Steel

Installation type: Wall mount


Mixing valve: Yes

Water outlets: 1 x shower head, 1 x handheld spray

The Aolemi shower system features 2 shower heads – a high-pressure, adjustable, round rainfall showerhead and a high-pressure handheld shower, providing a luxurious showering experience.

Beautiful and stylish, this combo system will complement any outdoor area. The system comes with the necessary accessories, connectors, and adapters, except for the wall mounts and extension tubes, which must be purchased separately.

The low-flow showerhead is considered eco-friendly and could save you money while conserving water without compromising on water pressure.

When paired with the right materials, like a marble wall and a pebbled floor, this shower will be an eye-catching addition to your garden.

7.  Best Budget-Friendly Outdoor Shower



  • Corrosion resistant
  • Water-efficient showerhead
  • Easy to install
  • Accessories included


  • Extension pipes not included

Dimensions: 6.9″ W X 25.5″ H (17.5cm x 64.7cm)

Colors: Silver

Material: Polished chrome/Brass 

Installation type: Wall mount


Mixing valve: 2

Water outlets: 1 x showerhead

The Artwell Outdoor Shower system is perfect for any modern outdoor area. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this shower is designed to last a long time.

Easy to install and compatible with most water supply lines, the high-performance rainfall shower head delivers a high-pressure spray even in low-pressure areas. 2 faucets provide hot and cold water to the showerhead. An 8″ riser extension tube is included to raise the shower head, offering the perfect outdoor showering solution for taller people.

This outdoor shower system provides a practical reason to enjoy the great outdoors.

8. Best Lightweight Outdoor Shower



  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Water heater not included

Dimensions: 5.51″ W X 10.0″ H (13.9cm x 25.4cm)

Colors: Matt silver    

Material: Aluminum alloy

Installation type: Portable tripod stand


Hose connector: Yes

Water outlets: 1 x shower head

Weighing 1.3 lbs (0.589 kg), the Camplux outdoor shower is a portable, lightweight shower that can be used when camping or for any outdoor activities with limited access to a shower. Easy to set up in minutes, this shower has 2 parts – an adjustable, 360° rotatable showerhead and a tripod stand equipped with a garden hose connector.

Simple and easy to use, the portable shower offers a refreshing outdoor bathing experience or the ideal place to wash muddy kids and dogs.  Erect the shower, attach a cold or warm water hose, and rinse off using the convenient shower head.

The shower head is adjustable to a height of 7.25 ft (2.20 m), making this portable shower perfect for all family members to use.

9. Best Solar Outdoor Shower Bag



  • Environmentally friendly
  • Leakproof
  • Carries 5 gal (20 liters) water
  • Accessories supplied


  • Water nozzle and hose are not very strong and could leak

Dimensions: 18.5″ W X 19.7″ H (47cm x 50.0 cm)

Colors: Army green

Material: PVC 

Installation type: Portable


On/off switch: Yes

Water outlets: 1 x shower head

The Kipida Solar shower bag is a must-have accessory for the outdoorsman in your life. Weighing only 0.97 lbs (0.43 kg), this outdoor shower bag is portable and lightweight enough to carry in a backpack, making it the perfect addition to any camping or hiking trip.

The bag is constructed from environmentally friendly and leakproof PVC and is designed to use solar power to heat the water inside the bag to 45° C (113°F). The pack includes a faucet, a hose, and a shower head with an on/off switch attached, making it easy to control the water flow.

The pack includes a handy mesh pocket for storing your toiletries and Velcro straps to keep the shower head in place.

10. Best Battery-Operated Portable Shower



  • Portable
  • 2.5 gals (10 liters) durable dry bag
  • Rechargeable pump included
  • Rainfall shower head included


  • Bag is poor quality

Dimensions: 5.2″ W X 16.5″ H (13.02cm x 41.91cm)

Colors: Black

Material: Durable 840D TPU-coated nylon

Installation type: Portable


On/off switch: Yes 

Water outlets: 1 x shower head

Portable showers are a lightweight and easy-to-transport showering solution for those who need to rinse off on the go!

The Ridgewinder portable battery-operated camping shower can be used for camping, beach trips, or any other outdoor adventure! Use it at home to rinse off after working in the garden on a hot summer day or wash the dogs. The list of uses for this portable shower is endless.

All the components you need to use this shower are stored inside the 2.5 gals (10 liters) dry bag, offering a stress-free showering solution all in one bag.

The rechargeable battery-powered water pump offers up to 60 minutes run time, and the removable battery can be recharged on any 5V USB-powered charging device. Easy to assemble, leave the full bag of water in the sun to warm up, and enjoy a refreshing, warm shower at the end of a long day.

The Best Materials for Outdoor Shower Floors

best outdoor shower material. Outdoor shower with wood flor and beach

Not all materials are suitable for outdoor showers in your garden or beach house. You can mix and match your floor materials and add your own design or pattern. Let’s look at the best materials for outdoor shower floors to match your shower panel and decor. For a sturdy outdoor shower, consider these materials:

Natural stone· Use porous stone like marble, granite, slate, limestone, or travertine.
Concrete· Pebble and gravel stones mixed with epoxy resin add a unique finish to the floor
Wood· Mix concrete and gravel to create a floor base, then cover it with smooth cement, stone, or ceramic tiles. Ensure that the floor has a slope to provide drainage and prevent water pooling
Tile· Cedar and teak are the best woods for an outdoor shower floor, but they do need regular sealing.
Stainless steel· Ceramic, porcelain, glass, river rock or clay-based glazed tiles are best for the floor
Composite decking· The best low-maintenance, weather-resistant material for shower floors

So, what is the best outdoor shower for you?

Outdoor showers offer convenience, a refreshing way to cool down, or an extra shower for overnight guests. Whether you only have cold water supply or also configure a hot water supply, having a spot to rinse of the sand or clean up in the garden is always helpful.

With so many materials, shower styles, and designs, you can turn your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis, a private hideaway, or a functional bathing area.

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