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If you’re interested in checking out our media mentions, take a look at our about page.

If you’re interested in checking out our media mentions, take a look at our about page.

Some of Our Favorite Products.

Take a look at some of our favorite products to help turn your bathroom into the ultimate relaxation zone!

Diving Into Bathroom Habits: From Showers to Serenades!


of people prefer showers over baths.


of people shower once per week.


of people take baths once per week.


of people sing in the shower.

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About Bathtubber

Hi. I’m Shana. I started Bathtubber back in 2019 – right before the pandemic! Who knew then that I’d really need to use my bathroom as a haven in my home more than ever before! 

Even then, when I started Bathtubber, I wanted to share the magic healing powers of water with the world. I have had a nightly bathing ritual for my whole life and it is my form of meditation and relaxation. I felt the world was ramping up into a new level of frenzy, and I felt I could help more people soak away their worries in the tub.

Along this journey, I have collaborated with several great designers who have helped me learn how to beautify the bathroom space. I have partnered with home goods manufacturers so readers like you can get the best products for your bathrooms at excellent prices.

Thank you for supporting Bathtubber and please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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